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Is it just me or is Tezuka the biggest uke since Ayase? It must only be his strong tennis aura that keeps him from being ravished all the time.

Incomplete list of people who should push Tezuka up against the wall and tell him it's his own fault for being so desirable:

Akutsu. I would love to see a doujinshi where Akutsu challenges Tezuka to a match, they play for several pages, Tezuka wins. Then Akutsu throws him down on the court and makes him pay. Tezuka's glasses break. Also his heart.

Chitose. Because yes. And then some drama with Tachibana to spice it up.

Oshitari. He's pretty.

Obviously, Inui.

*cough* Sakaki.

And of course Oishi, only he's not allowed to make Tezuka cry.

And what do you think?
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So, I almost walked out without my shirt on today because I was thinking about this. I'm not very good at multitasking.

I've talked about this before, but more in passing. In sports series, I see two main aims that a character (a "good" character, that is) can have: "enjoy your youth" or "aim for the world".

Ah, Tezuka )

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I've been trying to write an essay about Prince of Tennis and how it's not really a typical sports series and what that means for Tezuka and Ryoma, but it's turning out to be way too long and tedious. So, a few highlights.

Before I begin, here's the list of other shounen sports series that I've followed, in whole or in part, in manga, anime, and/or live action: Aoki Densetsu Shoot, Dear Boys, Eyeshield 21, H2, Hajime no Ippo, Hungry Heart Wild Striker, I'll [Generation Basket], Slam Dunk, Whistle!. (I'm not counting *cough* Hice Cool, but I probably should be.)

A shounen sports series typically goes through several stages: issuing the challenge/passing the test, running away, making the team, team building, etc. Ryoma's story doesn't fit this paradigm very well at all.

more, rather spoilery for tenipuri )

On Tezuka

Feb. 9th, 2006 12:55 pm
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Inui makes Tezuka fight.

Oishi makes Tezuka relax.

Momoshiro makes Tezuka smile.

Fuji makes Tezuka confused.

Ryoma makes Tezuka burn.

Tell me something about Tezuka. Or Inui. Or anyone you like.
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Originally comment-fic for [ profile] meitachi, posted here due to overwhelming demand cause [ profile] darkeyedwolf asked, probably so she can blackmail me with it later. It's so short, it hardly deserves headers, but here they are anyhow. If I'd thought I was going to show this in public, I never would have used a Japanese title. *g*

ETA: I also dropped in some InuKai comment drabbles I did on an earlier post, just to pad things out a bit.

Senpai-tachi by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji, 160 words, G.

Watch your backhand. )

Pick-Up (InuKai)
Using a line from [ profile] akatonbo
Can I ask you something? )

Untitled InuKai
You have something of mine. )

Untitled InuKai
Kaidoh told Inui he would do anything Inui wanted for his birthday )

On Tezuka.

Dec. 14th, 2005 09:15 am
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Oh, Tezuka, you keep me up at night.

Ryoma has both Nanjiroh and Tezuka to help him grow. Who does Tezuka have? We hardly see Tezuka play. When we do, we hardly see him challenged. (Moreso now in the manga, though it seemed odd that he was challenged in that last match.)

We know he and Inui have played a fair amount, but the last match was the only time that Tezuka really had to use his full ability. That's not actually stated, but it's obvious from the reactions of both Inui and the spectators.

How can Tezuka improve as a player if he's not playing someone better than himself? Or at least someone roughly equal. And while I'm not opposed to the idea that he's been playing Yukimura every weekend for the last three years, there's no evidence that Tezuka has any sort of training partner or mentor or coach outside of school.

Is that maybe his problem? His ability is very strong, but relatively static, because he doesn't have anything to push against.

We don't know anything about Tezuka's practice and training regimen. I'm sure we've been told it's copious and strict, but that's it. We've seen him using a ball machine, but that's no substitute for actual play.

Maybe that's one reason to raise Ryoma up. Once Ryoma can defeat Tezuka, Tezuka will have someone he can play with.
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ETA: I just wanted to add that it's entirely possible that I'm insane for spending so much time over stuff like this. I never did before, for any other fandom, though I did (and still do) re-read the HP books rather a lot, because I liked them.

In which I look at important events in the Prince of Tennis manga and anime, to observe differences in characterization and emphasis for these three characters: Tezuka, Oishi, and Ryoma.

This is not a shipping discussion, although the reason for doing it is to help me write relationship-oriented fic. I ship Tezuka/Oishi only in manga canon and Tezuka/Ryoma only in anime canon. So I needed to be aware of the differences, especially in characterization.

This is fairly rough, part summary and part commentary. I meant to tighten it before posting, but decided it was too big a job; I would rather spend the time writing fic, not editing characterization notes. So, it's long. But I hope it will be useful. Any and all comments are welcome, if you have thoughts you would like to add.

NB: Spoilers for basically all of the canon, manga and anime.

Tezuka's match with Ryoma - manga 42-43, flashbacks in 232, 234 )

Tezuka's match with Ryoma - anime 25-26 )

Tezuka vs Atobe - manga 143 - 153 )

Tezuka vs Atobe - anime 63, 65-68 )

Tezuka leaves - manga 159 (end) - 160 )

Tezuka leaves - anime 73 (end) - 75 )

Tezuka away - manga (flashback) 282-286 )

Tezuka away - anime 130-131 )

Tezuka's return - manga 248 (end) - 250 )

Tezuka's return - anime 139 (end) - 141, 164, 166 )

Conclusions, somewhat )
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Recently, I had an experience I had expected to never have again: a fannish Star Wars moment. More than that, an OMG STAR WARS! moment. Verily, it was a miracle of Biblical proportions.

And the cause? A little thing called Star Wars: Clone Wars. An "animated micro-series", written by Not George Lucas, directed by Not George Lucas, taking place between AotC and RotS.

It kicks ass. The animation is sharp, the action is frantic, the characters are on. And the sound!

Obi-Wan is pissy, Anakin is petulant, Mace Windu is so damn hot, and the Sith. The Sith are so very, very cool that Lucius Malfoy wants to join them now.

And then there's General Grevious.

Damn, I can't wait til Volume Two comes out on DVD. Cause I can't figure out if it's on TV here or not.


In other news, Tezuka is pretty.

pictorial evidence )
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Ever since I made this icon, I've been staring at it: Tezuka. Ryoma. Bench. Tezuka. Ryoma. Bench.

And it turned into this. I'm interested to hear what you think.

TezuRyo. PG13. 1900 words.
Tezuka. Ryoma. Bench. Adolescence.

Disclaimer: Konomi, not me.
Timeline: early in the series, before their match.

Crossposted, like I do.

Tezuka is restless. )


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