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[ profile] kestrelsan is hosting a v. important poll on what Sam will do once he becomes the Anti-Christ. Kest, what happened to the plan where you were going to be the Anti-Christ and Sam was going to be the Anti-Claus and I was going to leech off your riches and power?

I personally feel that being the Anti-Christ would be too much work, but if I were, among my many acts would be to produce a Japanese version of Supernatural where Sam and Dean are played by whichever JE boys are the flavour of the week and John is played by Tsuda Kenjiro. It would straddle the line between drama and toku and oh, it would be glorious. Also, Horio is in it. I will entertain casting suggestions in comments.


That song -- The King is Coming -- always makes me think of Charlton Heston. (By which I mean, I heard it recently when I was unable to get out of attending a religious function. Not that I spend all my free time listening to the Gaither Vocal Band.) All my favourite movies of his are either post-apocolyptic or religious and I can't help thinking that one day he will appear in glory to save us all. I supose that whichever of us really becomes the Anti-Christ will have to do battle with him before the end. And I'll be hoping Chuck will win.


What kind of small, protein rich things do you like to take along in your packed lunch? I'm trying to branch out a bit. Currently:

- hard cooked eggs (and, yay!, my last peeling session went so much better)
- plain high-fat yogurt with a few berries added
- cottage cheese
- cheddar
- almonds, though I'm off them for a bit since I can't seem to eat them in moderation

I like to eat all day long (it's sort of a hobby), so I bring lots of small things, rather than one large lunch item.


In other news, it turns out I don't have writer's block. I'm just lazy.
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I woke up this morning wondering how much feedback I'd got on the porn I posted last night. Then I remembered that I opted to read Atlas Shrugged instead of writing wine-inspired smut. Sorry about that. But Ayn Rand? So much the misogynistic slash fangirl. Hank Reardon and Francisco D’Anconia are more in love than Kirk and Spock ever were. (NB: I'm only about halfway through the book, so please don't spoil me in comments. The desire to find out what's going on is the only thing that makes me able to slog through this monster.) And The Fountainhead was much the same. There's something at the back of my head about comparing Ayn Rand and Anne Rice, but it hasn't quite surfaced yet.

But the real reason for this post is to share with you the Best Meatloaf Ever, which I made last night. It was all we could talk about all evening. It took me a while to put it all together, but it was so worth it. The original recipe is here, taken from Cook's Illustrated. Here's what I did:

first catch your hare )

We divided the leftovers equally into two containers, to be fair. I just had another slice for breakfast. Mmm.
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I haven't been a frequent cook in my life, because it's a big hassle and takes a lot of time. ("A lot of time" meaning "more than five minutes".) Now that I have more time and I'm trying to eat less junk, I'm actually cooking stuff that combines more than three ingredients.

I'm having some metric/imperial issues though. If I get a recipe off a US website and it says, "2 oz cheddar cheese, shredded" how the hell do I measure that? I assumed weight, but now I hear that may not be so. My little scale has both ounces and grams, so it's no problem to weigh ingredients, but is that really weight or is it volume? (And what kind of a system uses the same word for both?) If it's volume, how do you tell when you've got 2 oz? The cheese is rectangular; my measuring cups are round. Or do you shred it first and then measure it? I'm assuming there's some order of operations in play here, where because "shredded" comes at the end, you shred it after measuring, not before.

This is probably why I spend so much time getting Sims to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Then they have to measure the bloody cheese, not me.

Mmm, cheese.

ETA: I feel better about being confused seeing the lack of consensus in the comments. But I'm still confused. *g*


Apr. 6th, 2006 03:23 pm
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* pint of dark lager

* raspberry gelato

Whatever gets you through the day, you know?

In other news, this is possibly my most boring entry ever. It makes me want to look back through my journal and find the top 5 boring entries and have you vote on which is really the most boring.

But it would bore me even more to read back that far. So, you'll just have to make do with the current level of boring and take my word for it that it's pretty near the top. Unless you want to go back through the archive yourself and nominate a more boring entry than this one. There could be a prize for the most boring entry found.

Also: Starbuck is hot.
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I shall need a special lunch icon soon!

After the Great Stew Success of last weekend, I would like to make some chili this weekend. I've made chili in the past, but never found a recipe I really liked. I've googled, but recipes are like plumbers -- it's better to get a recommendation from someone you know.

If you have one that works well for you (a recipe, not a plumber) and have the time, please share. :) Con or sans carne -- both are fine.
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Before I get into the exciting news about my lunch, I just wanted to note that there's BSG comment fic on my "Who should Kara fuck?" post. Kara/various, including Lee, Sharon, Laura, and Sam Carter. (Not all at once!)


A few weeks ago, I asked for advice on what to take to work for lunch, so as to save cash. I've made a bit of progress since then.

First off, I purchased a new humungous lunch bag for all my fabulous new food. It will comfortably hold a large lunch or a sixpack or a human head. Here's a photo, with LEGO Snape included for scale.

photo of my lunch bag )

I bought a mountain of plastic containers, the kind that are cheap so if you leave your tuna sandwich in them for three weeks, you can just pitch it and not worry about the cash. (You do have to suppress your guilt about putting more plastic into landfills. So it's better all round to just eat the sandwich.)

And today I actually cooked a big pot of stew. I got the recipe from[ profile] laurashapiro, but since it's stew, I changed it around a bit.

Laura's recipe )

my changes )

I cooked it for two hours and it was awesome! I have enough for three lunches this week and two servings to freeze, to see how that works out.


Next time, I would add another potato, but put them in a little later during the cooking process. They were a bit overdone. And there could have been more garlic. Also, I need to buy a fancy vegetable scraper for the potatoes. I couldn't find my cheap old one and had to peel them with a knife.

I have salad and rice crackers and granola bars to add to all of this and I'll buy some sourdough bread at the bakery near work.

Now I just have to figure out what to have for supper instead of toast...


Did you know that recipe is the imperative of the Latin verb recipio? In this context, it means "take", like "take three eggs, take two bottles of beer, mix them together". And so it came to be our English noun.


Sep. 5th, 2005 08:42 am
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Today, a cat picture lunch post. Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled fannish topics.

Tomorrow I go back to working full-time hours after being part-time for July and August. (It's going to be such a shock to my system!) I am trying to save money by bringing my lunch with me most days of the week. I don't cook a lot and when I do, it's usually something that doesn't generate leftovers. So, I'm trying to figure out some fast, easy, and tasty lunches.

When I was growing up, I took my lunch to school most days. And I would only ever eat tuna sandwiches. Every day, for years and years, tuna sandwiches. Bread, mayo, tuna, and salt. It's still a big favourite of mine, but I don't think I can eat it more than two or three times a week right now.

What do you take to work for lunch? How much time do you spend making it? Is it really worth the bother?


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