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Three more prompt fills for SASO2016 Bonus Round 1: Memory.

Read all three on LJ (crammed into one post) or...

Summer Rain (A)
Haikyuu!!, Shimizu/Yachi, G, 540 words
"Remember how Hitoka forgot her umbrella and had to stay at school until Kiyoko appeared and brought her home?"
Read on AO3 or on the SASO prompt page

Summer Rain (B)
Haikyuu!!, Sawamura/Sugawara, PG-13, 640 words
"Remember how Sugawara got a desperate confession in the pouring rain?"
Read on AO3 or on the SASO prompt page

Impact Hypothesis
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, PG-13, 470 words
"Remember the time that Tezuka killed the dinosaurs and Inui ripped into him for defying space and time?"
Read on AO3 or on the SASO prompt page
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* Tezuka needs advice on purchasing a new racquet so he and Inui go out to a few sports stores. Then they go back to Tezuka's house and Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* Inui lost one of his notebooks and is all in a tizzy. Tezuka helps him find it, then they go to the clubhouse and Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* Inui challenges Tezuka to a match, they play, Tezuka wins. Then Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* They become Jedi.
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This was the pinch-hit I wrote for [ profile] top_cagnotte, for [ profile] link621. It was a bit frantic -- 10 days from request to submission, about half the writing on my iPad while on vacay -- but so much fun. Dear god, I love these boys so much.

C as in Cookie by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, 3500 words, PG.
Inui can't resist a mystery.

Thanks, always, to [ profile] kestrelsan for beta.

Are you just going to throw those away? )
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This took three weeks to write and kept getting shorter the longer I worked on it. So I'm posting before it disappears altogether.


Sunshine by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, R, 750 words

read more )
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I answered all the comments in a mostly non-grovelling fashion, so here's my [ profile] santa_smex fic, written for [ profile] alice_and_lain. ♥

A Little Knowledge by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, barely R, 6100 words.
Inui experiences some technical difficulties.

Many thanks to the Boy for helping me with the plot and to Kest for beta and to both of you for hand-holding galore.

Timeline: Second Year. Which means no Horio. :(

Next time I'm going to win. )
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The InuTez art by Mr Randomness is making me weak with longing. Nobody brings out Inui's inner sexgod like Tezuka does.
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You know what's great? When you say to someone, do this thing I want you to do or else my winged monkeys are going to trash your house and eat your cat. And then they actually do the thing you wanted them to do so the monkeys can get you a beer instead. And also you get what you wanted.

Which was this: Five Ways Inui Made Tezuka Cry by [ profile] mayhap. A Sims comic! Sim!Inui is such a stud and you really have to see Sim!Tezuka's outfit to believe it. The whole thing is awesome. I think I'll send the monkeys over with a pizza to say thanks.


I am prillalar on Vox and I am not posting there. I do have 5 invites, if anyone still doesn't have one. Comment w/ email to claim. All gone.


It's Monday. I think I will spend the day pondering who to extort with the winged monkeys next. I could really go for some bittersweet MitKo.
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I started this in January, to post on my birthday, but I couldn't get it finished in time, so I put it away for a while. It's a bit odd.

Made To Be Broken by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, PG, 3500 words.
Inui sees Tezuka acting strangely.

Thanks to the Boy and [ profile] kestrelsan for beta.

Inui waited forty-three seconds until he started to worry. )
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Can we call them Megane Pair?

Tight by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuTez, PG, 1000 words.
Tezuka unwinds.

When Seigaku won the Nationals, Tezuka relaxed. )
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The sixth of the request meme thingies, for [ profile] i_smile, who asked for Tezuka & Inui, sweat.

Provocation by Halrloprillalar
InuTez, 740 words, PG-13
Inui welcomes Tezuka back.

NB: takes place at good old Junior Senbatsu Enrichment Camp

It was well past curfew and he had expected to have the place to himself. )


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