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ETA: I just wanted to add that it's entirely possible that I'm insane for spending so much time over stuff like this. I never did before, for any other fandom, though I did (and still do) re-read the HP books rather a lot, because I liked them.

In which I look at important events in the Prince of Tennis manga and anime, to observe differences in characterization and emphasis for these three characters: Tezuka, Oishi, and Ryoma.

This is not a shipping discussion, although the reason for doing it is to help me write relationship-oriented fic. I ship Tezuka/Oishi only in manga canon and Tezuka/Ryoma only in anime canon. So I needed to be aware of the differences, especially in characterization.

This is fairly rough, part summary and part commentary. I meant to tighten it before posting, but decided it was too big a job; I would rather spend the time writing fic, not editing characterization notes. So, it's long. But I hope it will be useful. Any and all comments are welcome, if you have thoughts you would like to add.

NB: Spoilers for basically all of the canon, manga and anime.

Tezuka's match with Ryoma - manga 42-43, flashbacks in 232, 234 )

Tezuka's match with Ryoma - anime 25-26 )

Tezuka vs Atobe - manga 143 - 153 )

Tezuka vs Atobe - anime 63, 65-68 )

Tezuka leaves - manga 159 (end) - 160 )

Tezuka leaves - anime 73 (end) - 75 )

Tezuka away - manga (flashback) 282-286 )

Tezuka away - anime 130-131 )

Tezuka's return - manga 248 (end) - 250 )

Tezuka's return - anime 139 (end) - 141, 164, 166 )

Conclusions, somewhat )
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Request ficlet the third, for [ profile] sarahofcroydon, who asked for Oishi/Shishido and the Body Shop. PG, 550 words.


Oishi looked over his shoulder, then ducked into the Body Shop. )

Now see if you can say Oishi/Shishido three times fast.
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Uh...this happened.

The Forever Love of Oishi and Eiji: A Tragedy in Three Acts
Pairing: GP
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: A short play about Oishi and Eiji. 2100 words.

There is no set. The play is to be performed on an empty stage using only the space in front of the drawn curtain. Props should be minimal.

Oishi and Eiji both dress in tennis outfits, holding racquets at all times. Alternatively, Eiji may be costumed as a cat and Oishi as a Roman senator, but racquets may on no account be omitted.

turn down the house lights )


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