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Title: Make Up And Out
Fandom: Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Domon/Naoto/Tatsuya)
Rating: SFW
Notes: None
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Tidying Up: Thoughts

Feb. 15th, 2019 07:45 pm
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So! I finally got through Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Like I expected, there were definitely some things in the book that I found useful, and some things that I'd like to try in the future. And there were also some things that were less useful, or things that don't apply to my situation.

I've decided to take some notes on the things I want to keep in mind. Maybe they'll be useful to some of you, too.

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In general, I do recommend checking this book out from the library if you're looking for some ideas on how to rearrage your living space or suggestions on how to efficiently filter what to keep vs what you don't need. Most of the practical information starts in part 3 of the book. I definitely found some useful things here - though like I mentioned, not everything in the book will work for everybody, I think.

I haven't watched her show yet, but I think I might give it a look in the future if I can find the time.

If any of you have thoughts on Kondo's book or tidying up in general, I'd be interested in hearing them. :D

confetti bouquets and life events

Feb. 15th, 2019 06:21 pm
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Update on the last post is that we only made it to 3 of 4 commitments, because our last one (joining friends for Sunday BBQ lunch) ended up a wash due to Kevin having to go to the ER Sunday morning. Acute neck pain out of nowhere. We were worried it might be a slipped disc, but x-rays didn't show any cause, so the doctor ruled it likely just a freak muscle spasm and prescribed him some drugs (painkillers, muscle relaxants, etc.) and a day or two off. After the course of the week he's doing better and returned to a slow day of work on Wednesday and is now back enough to normal he's on a short weekend trip to Mexico City with some of his students.

On the other hand, I've been sleeping poorly all week and it is going to catch up to me this weekend. I really want to just read and sleep, but I still have errands to run tomorrow morning and I have to do laundry and cook and those general adult responsibilities...

We celebrated Valentine's Day by getting each other flowers because I love fresh flowers in the home. They're so pretty and smell so nice, and my houseplants are alternately thriving and dying. It's frustrating to figure out. My office plants are doing well at least! We also went out to a Valentine's prie fixe dinner at Maison Pucha, which is a fancy restaurant in the neighborhood we've been meaning to try. It was really, really good. The soufflé was a delightfully delicious cloud. I'm a fan.

Realizing I'm really into experiences these days -- food, of course, but also time with people, whether it's happy hour drinks or board game days or bougie things like the ballet or concerts. Bought tickets to Epik High in Houston mid-April, and Sarah might be able to come to Houston to visit me and go to the concert with me! Which would be a lot of fun. And the Broadway Aladdin show is touring in Houston in early July, so I'm going to look into those for Kevin's birthday present, since we'll be spending his actual birthday mid-May on a plane to China, for a two-week visit with my family. At long last. Bought the flights, gotta just get through the visa applications now.

Life continues! Work was quieter this week but picks up next week into a two-week frenzy. I'm going to have to shore up on extra sleep this weekend!


Feb. 15th, 2019 06:53 pm
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My local CVS hasn’t put its Valentines Day candy down to 50% off. Walgreens doesn’t even have any of it on its shelves.

Call The Midwife: Jam Tarts

Feb. 15th, 2019 10:36 pm
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Title: Jam Tarts
Fandom: Call the Midwife
Rating: G


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Feb. 15th, 2019 12:51 pm
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It's been a rough winter here, not only weather-wise (more snow and rain than we've had in years) but mood-wise (hit by a bad bout of depression, although it finally seems to be lifting) and just a general run of things-keep-breaking-nothing-seems-to-go-right. Had to cancel my mom's HMO and put her back on straight Medicare so all the various medical people coming to the nursing home to take care of the patients would be covered (alternative would have been to pay these people out of pocket, or else let them make outside appointments for her which I would have to drive up to Tulare and take her to). DMV wouldn't take my birth certificate card for their stupid Real ID so I had to renew my old license and send for a new copy of my birth certificate.

The propane company, formerly a local family business that sold out to a national company, totally screwed up their delivery schedule and haven't delivered any propane up here since October. I've been promised several times in the past few weeks that they'd send a truck up within a few days, and no one's been here yet. Not sure if they've even tried, but with the weather the way it's been, the dirt road up to my place has been a mess of snow and ice and mud and I doubt their trucks could make it up here if they did try. And there's no telling when we'll finally get a break in the weather long enough for the road to dry out and let them get up here.

Fortunately, I have a 300-gallon propane tank and should have enough propane left to last for another four to six weeks, as long as I'm careful and only use it for the necessary basics: stove, oven, refrigerator, and hot water. But the propane heater uses up propane too fast, so I'm keeping it shut off and using the wood stove for heat. And it's the coldest part of the winter, and I'm also getting low on firewood, and it's too wet to go out and cut more. Our local firewood guy promised to bring me some in the next day or so (and already did leave me a pile the other day), so I should be good to go. And if the propane situation becomes desperate, my neighbor will help me figure out how to hook up one of those small bottles of propane to tide me over till I can get my tank filled.

It will all work out one way or another, but it's been a strain and a slog getting through this past month or so.

A couple of days ago, I was able to do a good deed, so that made me feel better. My housemate came home from town and told me there was a woman in a truck stuck in the mud about a quarter mile down the road, so I got in my truck and drove down to help her. She'd lost traction on a curve and slid off into the ditch. She told me she was up here to bring some food and clothes to her daughter, who lives about a mile up the road and couldn't get out. She'd called Triple A but they told her they wouldn't come, so she was pretty freaked out. I hooked up a tow rope to her truck, put my truck in 4LO, and pulled her out of the ditch. Love my 4LO! Vast majority of the time, I don't need it, but when the road is 4 inches of mud and snow and slush and you need to pull somebody out of a ditch, that 4LO really sticks the traction. She tried to give me money but I wouldn't take it. Just part of living up here, I said. We pull each other out of the mud.

The snow's mostly gone at the moment (but it's supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow and Sunday and then again next week), but I still have a small creek running through my front yard from all the rain.

Stream running through my yard

HBO War Week 2019

Feb. 15th, 2019 02:08 pm
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Banner for HBO War Week 2019.

Link: [community profile] easycotroopers (AO3 collection)

Description: HBO War Week is an annual low-pressure prompt meme for Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Generation Kill. Each day of one consecutive week is dedicated to a one-word prompt.

Information Post | Community Guidelines

Posting Dates: March 3 - 9
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versaphile: Inosculation, a Legion fic by @versaphile and @hexiva David’s heat is coming on, but he can’t share it with his alpha. His parasite offers an alternative. David/Farouk A/B/O, Explicit.

from Tumblr: https://versaphile.tumblr.com/post/182826596172/inosculation-hexiva-versaphile-legion-tv

somehow we all fall down

Feb. 15th, 2019 11:10 am
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So today is Lupercalia, and I used to always post some Remus/Sirius to commemorate that, and I have been feeling nostalgic for them (honestly, I always feel nostalgic for them, in the bright heady days of the fandom before the Veil), and [tumblr.com profile] angelgazing and I were talking - she asked me what one Sirius/Remus story she should rec on twitter and I was like, "Wait! I know this! That the Science of Cartography Is Limited by Rave." Which, it turns out, is on AO3 now, so you can read it yourself if you haven't already. I haven't read it in like ten years (I will be remedying that today *g*), but I'm sticking with that as my answer.

Anyway, I wrote a paragraph yesterday that is kind of blah so now I think I know what I want to write - just one scene from a larger AU idea I love but will never actually write. I just need to figure out how to do it. But it could happen later today! Who knows?? Watch this space!

In other news, the second season of The Dragon Prince comes out today on Netflix, so I'll probably be watching that this weekend, as well as various other Netflix shows I keep meaning to watch. There's just so much tv. But I did watch Brooklyn Nine Nine last night!

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(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2019 08:41 am
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For the sake of my mobility, independence, and sanity, I’ve chosen to fix my Civic and take the additional debt hit. The mechanic thinks I can still get enough use out of it. I have to start thinking about the future and seeing if there are any options though.

God, I don't really need the additional debt though. When I was still working, I paid off all my credit cards immediately....

(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2019 07:25 am
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So for my Po icon, it was "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden, for this Dipsy icon, it's "Hot in Here" by Nelly.

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So, I'm reading Post-Captain, the second Aubrey-Maturin book, and things are a bit surreal. The start is all Pride and Prejudice who will marry who stuff. That part was fun but I missed the loving descriptions of futtock shrouds and so on. And then Jack was stony broke, and then Jack was in France, and then it got really weird.

Me at breakfast this morning: So then it got really weird.
Lilacsigil, raising spoon to mouth, not really listening: Uh huh
Me: Suddenly Stephen was leading Jack around on a leash
Lilacsigil, pausing with spoon in mid air: Wait, what?
Me: And Jack was dressed in a bear skin. He was a bear called Flora and he danced to Stephen's pipe.
Lilacsigil: *puts her spoon down very carefully, her eyes wide*

They've just made it to Spain. I'm not sure if it's the medication taper or the late hour that I was reading but the whole thing has a strange dreamlike feel. Like, this morning, I wasn't sure if I'd read it or dreamed it.

Today is the twentieth anniversary of moving to the country and opening the doors to the business under my family's name. ([personal profile] lilacsigil came and went for a little while but settled here soon after. A year after?) It's strange to look back. It seems to have gone very fast? And this is a good place to live, I couldn't imagine living in the city again.


Feb. 15th, 2019 12:02 am
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Thank you for your patience; we have been wanting to share these wonderful gifts with you for so long, and now we finally can!

Please, go through the collection, comment on works, and share the joy of new things in your fandom! If there is an issue with a gift, please email us at chocolateboxmod@gmail.com.

The archive will remain open for accepting further works as treats. We have made significant progress on the treatless spreadsheet and the more the merrier.

Otherwise, have fun! Creator reveals is at 6am on the 21st.
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Inosculation, a Legion fic by @versaphile and @hexiva David’s heat is coming on, but he can’t share it with his alpha. His parasite offers an alternative. David/Farouk A/B/O, Explicit.

from Tumblr: https://versaphile.tumblr.com/post/182817117267/inosculation-hexiva-versaphile-legion-tv
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So, the trailer for Frozen 2 has dropped.


* It looks pretty cool!

* I liked the first film a lot, but it went through a whole lot of rewrites and plot/character changes, and it definitely shows. Since this one didn't have the same issues with production, hopefully it won't have the same problems.

* The trailer looks pretty dark/serious compared to the first film. It would be interesting if the film itself has the same approach... I don't think it will, mind you, but if it did, that would sure be interesting.

* I like the costume redesigns, though I'll need to see a bit more before I decide how much I like them compared to the first film.

* I have no idea why Elsa is trying to fight The Entire Ocean, but damn does it ever look awesome. And Anna with the sword at the end of the trailer...! *_*

* I've seen some speculation that we might get some Kristoff backstory here, on account of some of the location changes. I like him, so I wouldn't mind if we did get more information about him, but after taking a look at the trailer for myself, I don't see any hint that we'll get anything of the sort. Which is fine by me, because as far as I'm concerned, the focus should be on Elsa and Anna anyway.

I saw the first film in cinema, and I think I'll try to do the same for this one too. :D I've been ages since I've gone out to see a movie - I think the last one I saw in theatres was Crimson Peak, heh. And there has been a new cinema built in my city since that time, which is nice. So... something to look forward to later in the year, I guess! :)

A Softer World prompts

Feb. 15th, 2019 10:58 am
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Leave a comment with a number and a relationship and I'll draw (or possibly write) something!

Gen prompts welcome. Be clear on whether you mean romance or friendship!. No incest or zombies please, and while you can prompt the sexy ones the art itself will be like Teen at most.
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(no subject)

Feb. 14th, 2019 10:06 pm
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Check out her work at [community profile] inconformista, it's really snazzy!

reading and things

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:55 pm
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Thursday already and I'm not sure how the week has gone by so fast. I meant to post on Monday, and then again yesterday and well, I didn't. Work has been busy, the cat is trying to kick me off of my computer by sitting on my arm, and I made a kinda sad swiss roll tonight for dessert that's still tasty even though I probably should have put the mouse on the inside instead of the outside. But these are the choices we make.

On the reading front, I'm still enjoying Avatar fic, and the two series (unfinished, sadly) I read this week were when the world stops spinning by Nautica_Dawn, which is a lowkey Zuko/Katara plus Toph and Ty Lee survive Aang failing to defeat Ozai. It's rough on Aang's characterization but he's not a major part of most of the story til the end, and I really liked the rest of it, plus the sequel that deals with the fallout from when they actually win the war... more with a whimper than a bang.

The other one is The Worst Prisoner series by emletish which took a little to get into, but once I got used to the style of storytelling (the events of episodes are described but still there) it was a lot of fun. It's basically AU from the middle of season 1 where Zuko accidentally takes Sokka prisoner after the storm when he's fishing, and after that, Sokka and Aang accidentally kidnap Zuko in the Blue Spirit ep. In short, Zuko joins the Gaang much earlier and they have lots of bonding and shennanigans and everyone is wonderfully in character and wonderfully teenagers. I really liked it and thought book 2 is not done I'm eagerly awaiting updates.

Now that I'm two weeks out from reading Embers and the flush of being immersed in the story, the more I think about it, the less I like the second half of it. Especially having read these and the ones from last week for contrast in style and characterization, thought I still love what the author did with the bones of the plot, if that makes sense. Anyway.

Lastly, I read an actual book too! Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C Wrede. I think I last read it over ten years ago, but my niece recently finished them so I borrowed it from her, and it is still completely delightful and charming. Now I need to return it and borrow the next three. Though maybe not till the weekend.

I'm trying to take a little break from reading for a few days so I can get some writing done. For the couple days after my plot breakthrough on my original story last week I flailed around trying to figure out what to do next, and then yesterday settled down and started doing some of the snowflake method exercises to start fleshing out the plot. I've still got plenty of details to work out there, but I'm also at the point I think where I need to do detailed character creation so I know the people I'm going to have at the center of it! I've discovered as I do that just how much more worldbuilding falls out of filling out some random character sheets. Way more than I thought would, so I'm going to continue that for the moment for my four mains. I want to have solid characters at least when I start writing, which I hope to do in March.

I've also got a couple of Voltron fics I need to finish up, and maybe a Dragon Age one, as well as Star Wars edits. I plugged away at that last week. I'm not committing myself to a timeframe, since that doesn't seem to work for me for editing. Unlike the first draft I can't just say, "write now, fix later." I'm at the fix later part.

In other stuff, still watching Schitt's Creek and liking it. Still playing DAII again, though slowly. I picked up the Witcher 3 again also, though I'm not as sucked into that game at the moment. I think I've got too much other stuff going on to really immerse, and I handicapped myself by starting out on normal when I should have been playing story-mode from the beginning. Ah well. These are also the choices we make.

It's true

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:53 pm
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Important Personal Cheese News

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:19 pm
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I have found and purchased 8 oz of halloumi for $5 after many years of fruitless search. Anyone familiar with UK-based food blogs* will no doubt be familiar with halloumi, which, per Wikipedia "is a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk, and sometimes also cow's milk. It has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled."

It's mostly made in Cyprus! Imagine, a Greek cheese that isn't feta... It's a rich but wild world out there.

Anyway, halloumi is much more rare on my side of the Atlantic, but I was finally able to purchase some from nowhere else but Lidl. I will report back on my impressions. I doubt it will be a negative one, it is cheese and cheese does tend to be delicious.

* I hear Britain's love affair with halloumi will be marred by Brexit, but really, what won't be at this point? Even cheddar is not safe, as apparently 82% of the cheddar consumed in the UK comes from Ireland. Your cheese is fucked, mate.

Yet Another General Life Update

Feb. 14th, 2019 04:21 pm
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Time for another general life update! My current plan seems to be updating DW once a week and alternating between general updates and work-specific updates, which I realize will make it appear I am not keeping my update schedule to people who aren't logged in, since the work updates are subscriber-locked, but that's fine. Holding myself to a standard with quantity of updates is for me more than it's for any of you.

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(no subject)

Feb. 14th, 2019 12:37 pm
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Today, I have learned that Ben Platt (original Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen) is gay, because he released an adorable and sweet video for his upcoming album


The guy who just finished his stint as Evan (Taylor Trensch) and the guy who's the lead on the national tour (Ben Levi Ross) ARE DATING. And I found this out because the Dear Evan Hansen people released a version of the love duet from the show, "Only Us", sung by those two guys. My grinchy heart is warmed on this Valentine's Day.


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