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I Love To Go A-Wandering
LotR, Merry/Pippin, PG
Getting away from it all.
Disc: JRRT, not me.
Written in 50 minutes for the [ profile] contrelamontre Vacation challenge. Pre-quest.

Is the fire going yet? )
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Harry/Draco. PG13.
The collected correspondence of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Written for the [ profile] contrelamontre Letter challenge in 90 minutes.

Letters to a Young Gentleman )
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Fic for the [ profile] contrelamontre Deus Ex Machina challenge: Happily Ever After. Stargate, Jack/Thor. Written in 70 minutes.

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This dialogue trading exercise was the funnest thing ever! I want to do it again, only without the time limit next time. The stories on [ profile] contrelamontre:

Things Change
dialogue by [ profile] prillalar, everything else by [ profile] darkkitten1
2 Remus/Sirius scenes.

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home
dialogue by [ profile] darkkitten1, everything else by [ profile] prillalar
Scott/Logan; Percy/Oliver.

A Game Of Patience
dialogue by [ profile] musesfool, everything else by [ profile] prillalar
Jack/Daniel; Remus/Sirius.

Boxing Clever
dialogue by [ profile] prillalar, everything else by [ profile] musesfool
West Wing, Josh, Donna; BtVS, Giles, Anya.

Share and enjoy.

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Story for the [ profile] contrelamontre "fight" challenge, written in 50 minutes: Ennui, James/Sirius, PG13.

Drabble for the [ profile] hp100 "Wizard-Muggle relations" challenge: Way of Life.

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Shiver me timbers! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, me buccaneers! So I, uh, wrote some Harry Potter fic.

For the [ profile] contrelamontre non-alcoholic beverage challenge: War Effort, Harry/Ron, written in 30 minutes.

For the [ profile] hp100 Wizard photo challenge: Exposure.

So take your pleasure, you scurvy, flea-bitten dogs of the sea. Yo ho!

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Wrote a thing for [ profile] contrelamontre's Couch challenge. Marcus/Oliver, 45 minutes: Second-hand. (NB: Not "In Love" Marcus, just in case you were expecting him.)


Saw PotC again last night. I am now officially in love with Commodore Norrington. He's the dreamiest. The boy is convinced that Elizabeth should also be cursed since she stole the gold medallion from Will. I'm convinced that Will's hat is the ugliest thing ever.


Stargate is going slowly this week.

Shades of Grey
Hmm. This episode was well done, but I'm not fond of stories where someone has to betray all his friends. Even if they all find out in the end that it's just a ruse, how can the relationships ever be the same? Poor Daniel. Not to mention the POV cheat. And Thor and Jack didn't share any screen time! Bah.


Saying that seemed brilliant in the pub after a pint and a half: Time is money but money isn't time.


I don't usually post these MemeGen things, but this one was just too cute. *sigh* I only wish.

shaggable me )


Hook is still mine.

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Wrote a story for [ profile] contrelamontre's "love without being obvious" challenge: Draco's Big Date. Crabbe/Goyle, G. 65 minutes, which was 5 minutes over the limit. The shame!

And now I'm going to be late for work. Comments and email later, I promise!

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Two bits of a fanfic-ish nature. Answering comments and email tomorrow morning, I promise. Well, unless I have to watch Stargate before work.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tactics, Jack/Gillette, PG13, written for the [ profile] contrelamontre Line of Poetry challenge. (We only got 30 minutes, so this is pretty short.)

Harry Potter: Practical, drabble for the [ profile] hp100 OWLs challenge.

And I've got to rec [ profile] thistle_chaser's drabble Under Pressure, Weak Links Break. Oh, Goyle!

Share and enjoy.
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Fic written for the [ profile] contrelamontre "character development" challenge: In Lieu of Flowers
Sirius/Remus, Remus/Kingsley, PG, OotP spoilers.


Today at work, I began to think how wonderful it would be if there were beer trucks, like ice cream trucks. They would pull up in front of your house or place of work, with the jingle-jangle music playing Little Brown Jug or something equally appropriate, and you'd run out with your money and they would sell you beer, or some other refreshing alcoholic beverage.

I also had some thoughts about whether or not anything can have an intrinsic value or if it's all relative, but I won't get into that further as I've already freaked out my co-workers.


And now to dig into all the Stargate recs you wonderful people have given me.


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