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I'm not the event mod, just signal boosting because I love this amazing drama witch so very much and he should have a lot more attention.

Georgi's dramatic face, In Drama We Trust

May 1 - 7: the Popoweek! Create and post fanworks about Georgi Popovich.

Prompts | FAQ

💜 💜 💜

All other fanworks are on hold (sorry, JJ) while I frantically write some fic for this event.
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Pro Tip: Don't start rewatching Slam Dunk as a reward for working on your Prince of Tennis story.

This weekend has been a lot more reward than writing! But I can't regret it -- Slam Dunk is King. Always and forever.

This is probably my fifth time through. Yet out of the blue, I'm now shipping Sendoh/Rukawa. No idea why it hit me now, but it hit so hard I'm daydreaming un-ironic fanvids about them to Call Me Maybe. It's a sickness.

Sendoh and Rukawa under the basket

I see them having these casual hook-ups. Sendoh enjoys it and finds Rukawa fun to tease but that's as deep as it goes for him. Rukawa is completely in love with Sendoh. And Dramatic (but Subtle) Things Ensue.

Still not as epic as YoHana, though. ♥
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In Which Hal Tears Up All Her InuKai WIPs And Writes 1000 Tezuka/Kaidoh Fics. Also, Atobe Is Pretty.

Kaidoh and Tezuka shaking hands over the net.

Read more... )
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Written for [ profile] kestrelsan for our 2011 Sekrit Holiday Fic Exchange! I always think of these three as the Holy Triangle: the Father, the Son, and the Sad-Eyed Boyfriend.

(If you need a refresher: Guo Guang ~= Tezuka, Hai Tang ~= Kaidoh, Zhen Zhi ~= Inui)

Friends by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar / [personal profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama (Wang Qiu Wang Zi), Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang, Guo Guang/Hai Tang, R, 2300 words.
Every story has two sides. Every triangle has three.

Guo Guang turns off the light )
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... that was me watching the first five minutes of new Prince of Tennis anime OMG MY BOYS HAVE COME BACK TO ME.

Flail and caps later on today after all my stupid appointments and such are done.
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This was the pinch-hit I wrote for [ profile] top_cagnotte, for [ profile] link621. It was a bit frantic -- 10 days from request to submission, about half the writing on my iPad while on vacay -- but so much fun. Dear god, I love these boys so much.

C as in Cookie by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Tezuka, 3500 words, PG.
Inui can't resist a mystery.

Thanks, always, to [ profile] kestrelsan for beta.

Are you just going to throw those away? )
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It's been a busy month so this year's birthday story is short and sweet. And what's sweeter than InuKai? :)

Backhand by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh, G, 1200 words
Keep your eye on the ball.

'Look,' Inui says. )
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Why did it take so many years for me to write this pairing? We may never know. But I hope it's worth the wait. :) [ reposting from otpimpchallenge ]

How Do You Get Down From An Elephant? by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Atobe/Momo, PG13, 6300 words
Dating is a game and Momo is definitely going to win.

[ profile] kestrelsan, you're the best beta of all time.

I always knew you'd acknowledge my strength one day )
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It's Sunday night.

Why isn't there a new X-Files episode?
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Written for [ profile] inukai_exchange, reposted for posterity.

Space, Time, Telephone by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh, G, 5000 words.
In which the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies do not collide. Also, Inui makes some phone calls.

Thanks to [ profile] kestrelsan for beta and encouragement!

I've been working on a new star configuration for the purposes of enhancing pre-sleep relaxation. )


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