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I guess I was on unplanned fandom hiatus for about a week, all told. I was going to try to catch up with LJ today, but I'm just not going to make it back that far. I was busy with some life stuff and also making merry with my girls [ profile] laurashapiro & [ profile] kestrelsan. They are the grooviest and we had a fabulous time. :)

Birthdays I missed: [ profile] kormantic & [ profile] goldie! Sorry, sweeties! Love and apologies to you. Also, I missed Inui and Yanagi's birthdays. I have no fic to make up for this. Hell, I didn't even send my Sadaharu & Renji Sims out on a Dream Date. I am a Bad Fan.

I bought some eq so I can start doing some weight training. I have Smart Girls Do Dumbells, which looks like a good place to start. Have you used it before? Any advice about weight training in general? I have some neoprene weights (I'll start with 2 lbs), gloves, a mat, and a mirror to scope myself out in. No stretchy workout clothes though. I'm hoping my pyjamas will do for now.

How many chances do you give a spider before you send it to spider heaven? A rather long-legged spider was crawling over the table beside my recliner today as I was marathoning South Park S7. I let it be, as I am a gentle soul. (Also, I'm afraid of spiders.) It disappeared and I hoped it had gone to seek a better life somewhere, to make a name for itself in the big city. Later on, I was back in my chair, still absorbed in the delightful adventures of Butters and Cartman (and those other guys they hang around with), when the FRACKING SPIDER CRAWLED ON MY ARM. I screamed in a way that should have made my neighbours call 911 (callous bastards) and somehow managed to beat the spider off my arm and scramble out of my recliner without dropping my laptop. Still, I did not try to kill the spider, feeling that it must now understand that it was unwelcome and would take the hint and move along to terrorize someone else, like maybe those uncaring neighbours. To give it time to reflect, I went out to the mall. But when I got back, the spider was on the arm of my chair. Clearly, the spider was trying to steal my identity and take over my fabulous life. So I got a flyswatter and killed it.

Now it's raining.

to you. Yes, you.
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The weather is nice. I had lunch at the pub and drank a stout and read An Anthropologist on Mars. I got paid for two outstanding invoices. I ate some cheese.

I watched the Oofuri 7 raw and loved on Abe and Mihashi and Tajima and Kanou. I made a D&D character. I listened to Te no Naka ni Sekai wo Tsutsumu Michi Futatsu Kousa Suru Uta. I drank coffee.

I sat in my chair and closed my eyes. I went to the library. I kissed my sweetie. I thought about things that I'm going to write. I thought about Kamen Rider 555. I read Slashdot.

I'm going to eat a steak. I'm going to see some friends. I'm going to sleep and in the morning I'll have coffee again.

It's the glorious 25th of May. How do they rise up?
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* I've managed to get rid of most the things in my life that were making me a humongous stressball. This is good. Really good.

* I haven't heard back about the job I applied for. Not sure if they don't want me or if it's one of those things where they take forever to sort through the apps.

* I have got referrals to a couple of other jobs, though. I don't think I can really take something else right now as I still have contract projects to work off, but it's good to know there are jobs out there. I have some really great contacts and references, so I know I'll find something good in time. I just don't think now is the right time to go full-out job-hunting.

* I've had no brain for fandom for about a month and it's made me sad. I hope I can focus more now.

* I think I've forgotten how to write fanfic. This is bad as I haven't actually started my [ profile] spring_fluff story yet, though I think I've basically worked out what it will be. I might try to write something short to kick-start my ficbrain, so if you see some sappy cliché InuKai in this space sometime soon, please be kind.

* I'm in the process of giving up caffeine. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm certainly a lot less anxious. At least I'm not giving up beer.

* I am finally catching up with the Bleach anime. Filler, I won't lose to you!

* I have some cheese. ♥


Feb. 10th, 2007 05:04 pm
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* am rather tight, from drinking nearly 3 pints of beer at the pub. I think I left a tiny bit in the last mug. I was only charged for 2 and when I told the server, she said not to worry, so then I had to try to calculate the tip based on 3 pints while the bill was for 2 and I think I broke my brain.

* wish I were writing some beer-induced pron about how Kaidoh is lusting after Inui but Inui seems oblivious and Kaidoh gets more and more frustrated until he finally pushes Inui down and a fracking big lightbulb comes on over Inui's head and they make out in an awkward and desperate fashion and don't quite declare true love forever, but it's definitely in the air and Kaidoh buries his face in Inui's chest so Inui can't see it and Inui is so happy he wants to shout and dance and sing. Also, Horio becomes a Regular.

* have to go to D&D in about an hour, so can't write any pron.

* have found the MOST PERFECT JOB EVER to apply for. It's so perfect and I want it so much that I wish I were still religious so I could ask you to use supernatural means to change reality on my behalf. Instead, I'll have to rely on my natural scary intelligence. And maybe get a good haircut.

* still want Donny Osmond. And Drew Barrymore. Maybe at the same time.

* am so behind at answering comments. I suck. Also behind at making comments, writing pron, general fandom things. Gah. I'll be better eventually, I promise. After I get this job.

* have a sweetie who helps me brainstorm fic by giving me plots that involve surfing contests in Hawaii and Momo and Horio disguising themselves as hula girls. Also, he's obsessed with Kirihara. I ♥ him so much.

* am probably less cute than I think I am.

* like cheese.

* love you guys, as always.
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∞ So busy with work right now. I can see a wormhole ahead, I'm working so fast on everything. At least I think that's what that bright light is. Also, Elvis is there.

∞ Last night, I dreamt I had a mullet. I was never so glad to wake up. "You'd look hot in a mullet," the Boy said when I told him about. "But you look hotter without one."

∞ Butters/Cartman has been upgraded from a joke ship to a real ship. I'm taking screencaps for a gallery. I think I need a cute ship name for them. Like Butterstick.

∞ I wish I were drunk and writing some InuKai porn/fluff/angst/anything. That would be like a boozy hug I give myself. ♥

∞ If you heard any rumours about me luring fangirls into my basement with candy, they are most likely false. But Lil and I are getting married in a lovely May wedding.

If you could have Margaret Atwood write some fanfic for you, what would you ask for? Or Terry Pratchett? Or Jane Austen?

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I am filled with winter ennui. I'm not down, just...blank. I kind of want to go on hiatus for a few weeks, but I don't think I can quite yet. Maybe early January. In the meantime, apologies if I don't read / write / comment / answer comments / flail / be generally entertaining / supportive / nice / mean as much or as responsively as I should.

It's not you, it's me.

Maybe I'll spend the evening watching the Log Channel and screaming whenever The Hand comes into view.
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The rising of the sun, the running of the deer,
All merry people rise and greet the turning of the year.

Every year on the winter solstice, I worry that the sun won't actually rise the next day and we will live in darkness forever. So, I'll probably spam you with posts today, just in case.

Thing 1: I have stopped washing my hair. Now, you might think that this is the result of some sort of seasonal depression where I never change out of my pyjamas and forgo any attempts at basic personal hygiene. But you would be wrong. My pyjamas are just comfortable, that's all. And I finally realised that my hair looks like shit if I wash it every day. Even on day 2 it looks all fluffy and horrible. I wonder if I can just not wash it at all ever again. How often do you wash your hair?

Thing 2: I watched Part 1 of the new Garo special. I liked it a lot, very stylish, like the show always was. However, there was a big flaw. I mean, besides Kouga's leather pants. How do they get him into those things? There must be baby powder involved. Woe! ) On the other hand, Zero's leather pants were quite pleasing and, god, Rei is looking fine. Yay! )

Thing 3: I like cheese.
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We're deep within the belly of the year, here in the northern hemisphere, and while I don't exactly get depressed, I do get very sleepy and draggy and unfocused during this season. It's a bit better this year, probably because I'm doing light therapy and omega 3s and working from home. But I still feel like I'm not keeping up with fandom like I should be: reading, writing, commenting on discussion and life posts. Sorry about that. :(

Around this time of year, I start drawing little suns on everything and sometimes adding sol invictus because I have this underlying worry that the solstice will come and the sun won't rise and I'll be in the dark forever.

Is there anything you do, to ensure the sun will return?
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We had a big snowfall over the weekend and early Monday morning I walked to the mall to get some coffee and some groceries. While getting the coffee, I suddenly felt very sick (I'm fine now -- no worries), one of those "Am I going to be able to even walk home?" moments. So I got out to the parking lot and tried to figure out the best way to get through the foot of snow and slush while funny in the head and nearly doubled over.

The guy who was ploughing the snow saw me picking my way through and made me a special trail right across the parking lot! ♥ It made me very happy.

And on Sunday, which I realise is chronologically earlier and so should probably have been first, but just go with it, events got cancelled due to the snowfall and my partner and I spent the afternoon sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching Corner Gas. It was the most restful, perfect time.

In the evening, I wanted to write some sort of InuKai snippet and so I put on some music and got out my laptop and tried to think of something. I just kept staring at the picture of them on my desktop and realised that what I really wanted for them was an afternoon like we'd just had: restful, fun, together. And there's no story in that. But it was nice to think about.

Right now, it feels like half my friends list is filled with rage over one thing or another and I wish I could do something to defuse that for you. But me, I'm mellow. Because people are nice.
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It's really amazing how visiting my parents in small town Saskatchewan lowers my brain-activity level. It's already noon here and I feel barely awake. They have wifi but I can't even make myself read LJ. (I'll definitely catch up at some point, though.) It's too cold outside, too hot inside, and too boring everywhere. The coffee is weak, the family is religious, and I've already run out of conversation. And my partner couldn't get time off work, so there's no one to commiserate with.

I think I psyched myself out by watching all that Corner Gas the last few weeks. I keep expecting Davis to show up so we can have a brief but passionate affair.

There's no point to this post, really. I just wanted to prove to myself that I'm still conscious.


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