Sep. 21st, 2004 07:52 am
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It's been a while since I drabbled.

For the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Fandom Cliché challenge: Quid Est Veritas?

For the [livejournal.com profile] snape100 Craving challenge: The Flesh Is Weak
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I was looking for something I thought I had written (but turns out I didn't) and I found this instead. Clearly, I had planned to write a bunch of Peeps drabbles for Easter, since there's a second one started where Lucius Malfoy shows a tray of Peeps to Voldemort, but I can't really recall what I planned to have happen with them. Something about how they couldn't destroy the eyes even with magic and so were going to use them to create an impenetrable fortress, I think.

SG-1 & Peeps )
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Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] snape100 colour challenge: PMS 358. Snape, Hermione, potions.

And again with the questions. I'm hoping the drabble will mitigate things somewhat. *g*

1. Is there a cliché taste or aroma of Snape's breath that I should avoid writing about? I put something down and then wondered if I was going where everyone had gone before.

2. What do you think about wizard hair removal? Do you think they shave in the usual way? Use spells to shave daily? Use long-term depilatory spells? I would go for the latter, but then I worry that people reading my fic would wonder why nobody ever got stubble burn from making out.

I suppose I could put some sort of disclaimer on my stories:

All Hal's characters use Devereaux's Dependable Depilatory. "Once a year, and you're in the clear!" As endorsed by Gilderoy Lockhart.

But sometimes you want the stubble burn, because it's manly. And sometimes you don't, because, ouch. What do you do? Uh, in your fic, that is.

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Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 "new canon" challenge: Class Struggle. Wizarding children and Muggle primary schools.

Finally the Makin' Magic Sims expansion is out for the Mac. We just installed it and I spent a very little time playing with it. I haven't got to cast any spells yet, though. It looks pretty cool. I have a wand and all.

I remembered that I actually do have a Harry Potter Sims character, though I haven't played him in forever. He's one of the poor unfortunate children in the Wintergreen Memorial Orphanarium. Here they all are:

Kal is a quiet boy. He likes to spend time alone working on articles for the school newspaper. His parents died in a big explosion.

Harry is always getting himself into trouble, though he never means to. He's on all the school teams. Sadly, Harry's parents meddled in the affairs of a wizard when he was just a baby.

John loves to play outdoors. He brings home a lot of stray animals, but is rarely allowed to keep them. Last year, he had the lead in the school production of Dr Dolittle. John's parents died in a mishap with a large primate.

Annie sings all the time. Most people find it annoying. Her parents perished in a house fire, but she's convinced they're still alive.

Anne is super-smart and good at everything she tries. She's also easily distracted. She's being tested for ADD. her parents died of consumption, which Anne finds romantic for some reason.

Lizzie doesn't always play well with others. Her teachers go so far as to call her "disruptive". It's probably due to the trauma of losing her parents to a vicious axe murderer, poor thing.

Pollyanna doesn't have a write-up since she was born, not created. I had to install a buyable-baby item to get seven kids in one household.

Mrs Anastasia Pike runs the Orphanarium. She's quite nice to the kids, but not one, but two of her husbands perished when she walled them up and left them to die. Their urns languish in a crawl space.

Oh, and I bought a Mos Eisley Cantina LEGO set on my lunch break today. It has Greedo! I think once I build it, I'm going to put him face down on the table with Han walking away.

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Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] stargate100 Daniel and Jonas challenge: Why Do Elephants Drink?

Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Fairy Tale challenge: Telling.

I got part of my Massive Website Update done tonight. I like going out on Friday nights, but I think I like staying in even better. It's so restful.

I want to write some porn but I'm too sleepy. Maybe I'll dream some and write it up in the morning.

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Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Crossover challenge. Box, Opened -- crossover with Adrian Mole.


Monday Night TV for the first time in three weeks. (And no D. next week either-- this is seriously throwing off my routine!)

Now that we're back into the regular TV season, we're re-watching the current Angel eps as well. I won't comment on them except to say: how did I miss Lorne's "Depp and Bloom" remark the first time around?

But that didn't leave much time for other things.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Enemies
Faith goes good only she's not. Angel goes evil only he's not. Buffy goes moody and boy is she ever. I'm not fond of this episode because of the big POV cheat -- Buffy is our POV character and she knows all along that this is a fake-out, but we don't. But I always love the scene where Angel punches Xander in the face. Just because we know that Angel really enjoyed it.

X-Files: The Erlenmeyer Flask
Green alien blood goodness! I feel like I'm discovering the X-Files all over again now -- I was shocked when I saw those first few drops of toxic alien blood. This is also a good episode for Stupid Mulder Moments. Not only does he drop his gun, but he breaks into the house of a scientist who has been murdered by persons unknown and then uses the scientist's phone to make calls back to the FBI. He also completely fails to notice the van that pulls up outside, even though we can clearly hear it in the soundtrack. At first I thought he'd ordered a pizza. Plus why does Mulder not carry a camera? He finds that whole warehouse full of alien clones and he can't even snap a Polaroid.

Also: we were cheated out of the scene where Skinner calls Mulder into his office at night to tell him that the X-Files division is closed and then has angry sex with him on the conference table.

Bonus! This wasn't an official part of Monday Night TV, but we did catch about two-thirds of

Star Trek: TOS: Space Seed
Khan! When I tuned in, he was lying in a hospital bed, his manly man cleavage well in evidence. Khan! I said. Khan! Kirk walks in and Khan says, Ah, Captain, I am far more manly than you. Kirk concedes the point, but grudgingly. Later, Khan takes over the ship and puts Kirk into the Large Load Washer in the laundry. Kirk escapes before the spin cycle and fights Khan in Engineering, which has a large open space for sparring. Kirk wins, but only because he cravenly beats Khan with a big piece of some vital instrumentation that he pulls out of a panel.

But Kirk realises that Khan is too manly to be confined by Kirk, so they let him go on a planet. We snicker the whole way through their speculation about going back in a hundred years to see how Khan and his followers have made out.

I must look up some Kirk/Khan slash. There was one moment in their fight when Khan pushes Kirk face first into the wall. Give it to him, Khan, I said. God, I wish he had.

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Story for the [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre "fight" challenge, written in 50 minutes: Ennui, James/Sirius, PG13.

Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 "Wizard-Muggle relations" challenge: Way of Life.


Sep. 30th, 2003 08:04 am
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Another drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Room of Requirement challenge: First Come.

Still available from Friday: Need.

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Shiver me timbers! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, me buccaneers! So I, uh, wrote some Harry Potter fic.

For the [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre non-alcoholic beverage challenge: War Effort, Harry/Ron, written in 30 minutes.

For the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Wizard photo challenge: Exposure.

So take your pleasure, you scurvy, flea-bitten dogs of the sea. Yo ho!

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Drabble for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100 Owl Post challenge: Special Delivery.


Talking with a friend on Sunday, she mentioned that when she reads about Dolores Umbridge, she pictures Mimi Bobeck, from the Drew Carey Show. I'm afraid that from now on, so will I.


And TV, sweet, sweet TV.

Trailer Park Boys: The Bible Pimp
I love this ep. Ricky is studying hard to get his grade 10. A preacher with a South Park voice and his daughter with Princess Leia hair canvass the trailer park, taking orders for Bibles for $59.95. Ray orders one to give to Ricky, "a gift of love from father to son", and insists that when it arrives (six to fourteen weeks), they spend an hour a day together reading it. The daughter sweet talks Julian. Bad things happen. Bubbles saves the day.

Trailer Park Boys: Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On
Lahey wants to get Ricky and Julian and their dope once and for all. But Randy thinks his ideas are too extreme and he and Lahey have a parting of the ways. Randy tries to get friendly with Ricky and Julian, but he shows up wearing a shirt, something he never, ever, ever does. Very suspicious. I think this was the ep where Mr Lahey said two things went together "like shit and strawberry shortcake".

Trailer Park Boys: The Bare Pimp Project
They sure do love the word "pimp"! Many, many hilarious things happen in this ep, but the best part is where J-Roc makes an "adult film" in the style of the Blair Witch Project. They make these little "stick pimps" to put up around, like the Blair Witch stickmen, but with coats and hats. And Bubbles runs "through the forest" with a flashlight under his chin saying, "I'm so damn frisky!" Oh, and Ricky and Julian go back to jail. It's the season finale, after all.

The X-Files: Shapes
Land disputes between ranchers and Native Americans. Werewolves. Etc. Not a good episode, but a good bad episode. And, my god, everything Mulder says sounds like a come-on. He's eager to help one young man off with his shirt. He's intense with everyone. He exudes "please fuck me". Especially at Sheriff Tskany (Michael Horse, who's always cool). In fact, here's a bonus drabble:

Fox 'Fuck Me' Mulder )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Zeppo
One of the best and funniest eps ever! Xander Harris and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Night. Except, of course, the part where he has sex with Faith. Lucky bastard! Gah. I'd write more, but I'm still seething with jealousy. Also it's almost 2 AM.


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