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[Sorry for two posts in a row -- I highly doubt I'll reach this volume again!]

Day 5: post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create

Vid: Blank Space by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
Doctor Who, music: Blank Space - Taylor Swift
The AO3 page embed isn't working any longer but you can still view on Tumblr

The epic story of one of the most rewarding ships of all time, Doctor/Master. It covers all of canon (not including last season) so you can see all their best moments, all the parallels and call-backs.

Vid: Celebrating 50 Years of American Doctor Who by Sam Vestey
Watch on YouTube
Fan-made vid based on a BuzzFeed post: What If “Doctor Who” Was American?

This is put together so well, it really captures the DW spirit for me. I'm impressed by how well the clips work! It's Burgess Meredith that really elevates it to something special.

Fic: What She Said (722 words) by Aurum
Fandom: Hajime no Ippo | Fighting Spirit
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Aoki Masaru/Kimura Tatsuya
Additional Tags: Humor
Summary: "Dude, I'm so sorry," Aoki cries. "If only you had tits, I would do you so hard."

This was written for my prompt in last year's SASO and I love it so very, very much. This is 100% how Kimura and Aoki would be with each other.
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In the words of the great Cicero: Caecilius est pater. Metella est mater. Quintus est filius. Okay, really those were the words of the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1, where we followed the lives of a Pompeian family, which were generally unexciting, until the end of the unit, when Vesuvius began erupting and multi in flammis peribant.

I thought about them when I saw the preview for this week's episode. I didn't expect to actually see them in this week's episode. *geek love*

Otherwise, no deep thoughts. Episode = fabulous.
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I should really have written up my Torchwood finale thoughts before I watched the BSG premiere. I should really have written up my BSG premiere thoughts before I watched the Doctor Who premiere. Too much TV this weekend!

spoilers and glee )
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» Doctor Who was wonderful. I'm in love with Martha. That's what you call it when you want to lick someone all over, right?

» There are some clips from the Japanese dub of Doctor Who up on YouTube (thanks to [ profile] viridian5 for the link): Dalek (Nine) & Rise of the Cybermen (Ten). Ten is dubbed by Seki Toshihiko! I'm trying to grab full episodes via BT with some success.

» [ profile] spring_fluff has started posting.

» [ profile] tenifriends is still open for sign-up.

» Oishi/Tezuka mini smut fest round-up: One More Thing by Pix, This Wasn't the Plan by Hal Marks, Lock Up by Hal.

» I have many comments to answer but I have to go to a party today because apparently my partner's friends think I don't exist, like Mr Snuffleupagus. At least I have a cute top to wear. And scotch to drink.

» The new season of Trailer Park Boys starts next week! Every year, I long for this time. And it's over way too soon.

» And, of course, I like cheese.
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I've been remiss about posting ep reactions ever since I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness that was Lumic. And I've had this half-written since Sunday.

spoilers )

eta: Now with Ten - Snape comment fic by [ profile] bethbethbeth!
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You know that feeling you get sometimes? When you watch an episode so good, so right, it makes you laugh and cry and put your hand over your mouth, when for at least a few hours, every other show, film, book, comic fades away because what else could possibly be important, what could compare to this?

Oh, I love this feeling.

can't sleep )

Why isn't everybody watching this show?
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Tennant, you win at being the Doctor. Oh, I am all made of squee right now. All my flist darlings who are waiting for your torrents -- be strong!

Still got it. )

eta: Mrs Peel, we're needed. )

Must. Make. More. Icons.


Jun. 18th, 2005 12:31 pm
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I have never been so spoiled on LJ for a show as I have been for Doctor Who. I don't know why that is. It's not the first time I've been watching a show that aired in Canada a week or two behind wherever it aired first. (We were like that with Angel for a while, IIRC.) I don't even belong to any comms for the show -- this is just my flist.

I realise there has to be some statute of limitations for spoilers else we'd all be cut-tagging "Darth Vader is Luke's father", but I don't think a week and half is too much to ask.

And this isn't directed at any one person since there have been four or five that have spoiled me so far. I even took someone off my flist a few weeks ago because of it.

The audience is so much smaller than for most of the things I'm watching. Is that why, maybe? Less of a "fandom" feeling? Or just the assumption that anyone who is watching is either watching live or not reading LJ until they can d/l the file a few hours later?

Whatever the reason: no love.


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