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My other [ profile] santa_smex story, written for [ profile] hikaridonya. This is the story that I stressed about all autumn. I thought I might have to fake my own death for a while there, but I got it worked out in the end. First time writing this pairing and I'm pretty happy with it, all told. :)

Many, many, MANY thanks to [ profile] kestrelsan and to the Boy for listening and suggesting and helping and not telling me to shut up already. It was above and beyond, guys. And Momoshiro, thanks for letting me use you for cheap laughs.

Big in Japan by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Atobe/Ryoma, R, 5500 words
Being a pro isn't all fun and games.

there are three exhibition matches )
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[ profile] santa_smex reveals are up! Many, many thanks to [ profile] reposoir for working so hard and running a great fest!

[ profile] venivincere, thank you for writing for me! I loved the story so much. ♥♥♥

[ profile] longleggedgit and [ profile] happiestwhen correctly guessed both the stories I wrote! Guys, I had these really fantastic prizes lined up -- an iPod Touch and a Flip Video Camera -- and then Drew said she wanted them, so what could I do? You'll have to make do with some fic -- hit me with your requests and I'll get on them once I've finished my birthday story. (As long as I'm not too busy with Drew and the camera...)

✵ I'll repost both stories here, one momentarily, and one later-ish, so as not to fic-spam.

✵ I'm starting to think that butter is even better than cheese.
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This is your last chance to read while the authors are still anonymous and to guess who wrote what. There's a guessing post up at the comm if you want to go public. I'm not a public guesser myself, mostly due to my deep fear of being wrong about anything at all, no matter how trivial.

Since we're so close to the end, I will go so far as to reveal I have two stories in the fest, which is why I haven't had any substantial fic to post here for a while. If you can guess both, you will win a fabulous prize. Or maybe some fic.

Comments screened for your protection.

ETA: Reveals are up! (so, guessing is over)
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The fest is over, so here's my final round-up! Previous round-ups: here, here, and here.

Reveals won't be until mid-January, so that gives you time to catch up and read/comment while the stories are still anonymous. If you guess what I wrote, you win...the No Duh! Award. I never try to disguise my writing for these things. (Though I may be over-estimating people's familiarity with my style.)

My reading:

The Twelve Ways of Christmas - Multipairing - a future Christmas for the tennis boys and tennis girls, happy, sad, funny, smart, and interesting.

The Pirate King and I - InuKai - Inui and Kaidoh get parts in Pirates of Penzance, Kaidoh rather reluctantly. THEY ARE SO SWEET. ♥

Don't Hate the Player - Inui/Yanagi - Smooth and lovely Data Pair!

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:

Niou/Yanagi (sorry, Niou, it's still your hair I can't cope with!)
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Previous round-ups: here and here. Up to Dec 24 with this one.

My reading:

Seven Forty in the Afternoon - InuKai - Crack, crack, sweet InuKai, and crack. Also Horio. ♥

Rematch - Fujicest - Fucked-up and amazing, it hurts like incest fic should.

Two Places at Once - Inui/Yanagi - Freaky Friday, Data Pair style, and oh how sweet it is!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Atobe/Tezuka - past and future, so well done.

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:

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Catching up with my reading finally. (Previous recs here.) Up to Dec 15; I'll do another round-up soon.

Soft Light -- Oshitari/Fuji -- Future fic with lush, grown-up sex. I really liked the sensual atmosphere.

Wind Me Up - MomoKai -- Boys will be boys. ♥

Practice Makes Possession - Sakaki/Ohtori -- Evil bad wrong crossgen, and oh so very sexy.

I already linked this once, because it is for me! The Spice of Life - InuKai -- Sweet, sweet boys. ♥

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:
Fuji/Eiji & TezuRyo
Kite/Atobe, Oshitari/Rin
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Item: The upside of the whole political debacle was that The National, in their "man on the street"-type interviews, brought to my attention an artist who does paintings of hockey brawls. Only. In. Canada. I am totally updating my holiday wishlist to include one of those.

Item: Writing fic on my iPhone in a moving vehicle is difficult but less difficult than I imagined. And it's starting to auto-correct "Kaisoh" to "Kaidoh" now. ♥

Item: [ profile] santa_smex, the Prince of Tennis holiday fic exchange, has been posting for a few days now. I'm not reading pairings that don't interest me, but I'm reading a bit more widely than I might usually. Stories I've enjoyed:

+ The day Ryoma came back and what happened next - Horio/Sakuno with Tomoka, Dan, Katsuo, Kachiro, and Ryoma.
The kids are all grown up at 20. I enjoyed seeing how they were all a bit different and all a bit the same. And, OMG, HORIO. ♥

+ Rules of Attraction - Atobe/Mizuki, Mizuki/Atsushi
I giggled throughout! Mizuki is just a ball of charming, scheming, frustrated fun. Fantastic dialogue!

+ What a Wonderful World - Ryoma/Kevin
Christmas in New York. Kevin was damn cute and Ryoma was nicely surly.

And there's been some Yagyuu/Niou and Atobe/Ryoma. If you're into that sort of thing. :D

Item: I realised the other day while we were re-watching the first Rikkai matches that the only reason I don't read Yagyuu/Niou is Niou's terrible, terrible hair. That's so shallow that I'm deeply ashamed. But I Just. Can't. Deal with the rat tail. Not at all. I mean, if Kaidoh grew a rat tail like that, I'd drop him too. (He'd be darling with a mullet, though.) So sad. :(

Item: What would you buy Kaidoh for Christmas?


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