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It's been ages since I wrote these two and I think most of the people who would be interested in reading this are gone to yaoicon already, but [ profile] kestrelsan forced me to write it. It's kind of crack.

Intended for [ profile] gw500, but, as usual, too long to post there. Duo talks too goddamn much.

Three Pillars by Halrloprillalar
Gundam Wing, 1x2x1, R, 1100 words.
Everybody has a weakness. Everybody has a strength. Heero's are surprising.

'Next time,' Duo said, 'let's pick something easier. )
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Drawn and Quartered by Halrloprillalar
1x2x1. NC17. 2100 words.
Study buddies.

Written for the Gundam Wing Back-to-School Smutathon, for [ profile] sarolynne.

Scenario request: Let's keep it simple--studying in a dormroom, and getting distracted.

Important Author's Note: There's nobody I'd rather write having sex than these two.

Friends are friends and pals are pals, but buddies sleep together.
-- my grade seven friend Anna

Duo was bored. )
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Continuing Boy Kissage week with Gundam Wing!

2x1, PG13, 500 words. Kissing.
Takes place while Heero and Duo are working out of a school.
Also written for the [ profile] gw500 Identity challenge.

The girls chased Heero. )
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Ah, the other H/D...

A Little Less Conversation
Gundam Wing, 1x2x1, R-ish
For the [ profile] gw500 "communication" challenge.

all this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me )
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I thought about drabbling tonight, but then I realised that it's been 10 days since I had an evening with no social obligations. Also I was in the mood for Gundam Wing.

The Key to a Successful Operation
1x2x1, yaoi, lime-ish
For the [ profile] gw500 "lost item" challenge, only it's 650 words.
Disclaimer: Bandai et alia, not me.

'Open the door,' Duo said )
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Time to get my feet wet in Gundam Wing. Written for the [ profile] gw500 "ten" challenge. Only it's 699 words, not 500.

Also, if there are communities I should join or mailing lists I should sub to, please let me know. My fave pairing is 13x5, but I'm pretty easy.

1x2, yaoi, lemon
Disclaimer: Bandai et alia, not me.

'Charges all set?' Duo asked. )


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