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I Love To Go A-Wandering
LotR, Merry/Pippin, PG
Getting away from it all.
Disc: JRRT, not me.
Written in 50 minutes for the [ profile] contrelamontre Vacation challenge. Pre-quest.

Is the fire going yet? )
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It's my birthday, so here's a present. The very OTest of my OTPs, Merry/Pippin. PG, if that. Spoilers for RotK. Canon fudged slightly. It's just a bit of fun.

For all of you, but especially for all the people who come to my website and post stuff like:

omg that was wrong!!!!!u have taken all dignity from merry and pippin!!there not gay!!!!!this website is promoting the fact of them being gay!!!!

So, to promote the fact of Merry and Pippin being gay, I present:

A Surfeit of Honours )
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Wrote a drabble for the [ profile] slash100 Danger challenge.

Jam, Merry/Pippin, G

Writing the drabble was a reward for working on a larger story I've got cooking.

Why is it that I have a hobby that I have to force myself to do most of the time? I'm working on a fair-sized project (well, for me, anyhow) which I started, in part, to procrastinate on a vid which I started to procrastinate on a larger writing project. And now I want to write little drabbles and such because they are so much easier.

So, I make the rules. "You must write 150 words before you can check your email." "If you finish this scene, you may write a drabble." "If you don't get 1000 words done this weekend, no-one will love you ever again."

Rules help. How do you make yourself write? Or vid or draw or whatever other creative things you do.

And now, to shower. But only if I use the time to plan the next scene in my fic.


Jun. 9th, 2003 11:11 pm
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[ profile] laurakaye said she'd give me a dollar.

Merry, Pippin, chitinous exoskeletons

Shell Game )
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I do love dwarves. So here's a story about some.

In The Beginning
Lord of the Rings. PG.
Disclaimer: Tolkien, not me.

Summary: Durin/Aulë. How does a Dwarf make another Dwarf?

Notes: I've used the Dwarf clan names for the names of the Dwarf fathers, so Durin is Longbeard here. I'm just kissing canon, you might say, and this is more slashy than slash.

For the Dwarf Fuh-Q-Fest. Thanks to [ profile] kestrelsan for beta.

Read it at my website or right here.

In the Beginning )

Drabble x 2

Apr. 7th, 2003 09:14 pm
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Two drabbles today. One for the [ profile] hp100 Dead Letters challenge: Billet-Doux

And the other is Legolas/Gimli, right here behind the cut tag. Possibly it was just an excuse for my new icon.

Charms )
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A new hobbit story for [ profile] kormantic, because she asked.

Skaters' Waltz
Merry/Pippin. On ice! PG13.

Plus, I posted yet another drabble to the [ profile] hp100: Ocard. They're like popcorn.

Enjoy! Tell me if you did! Or tell me that I suck; either way it's attention.


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