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PoT OVAs 6 & 7. Not quite so much flail as OVA 5, but still plenty to go around. I stayed off of chat this time, to which I attribute my lack of a migraine, but got in lots of squee and capslock via LJ. Spoilers, obviously, flail, thoughts, much TezuRyo loooooove and Inui, sweet, adorkable Inui.

Downloads: I ended up uploading the eps to Sendspace, so if you need them, here they are: Episode 6 & Episode 7.

Screencaps: [ profile] regulusa has a good cap post up. If I see any more, I'll link them too.

Icons: I'm just showing these off; please do not take them for your own use. There would have been more, but even after deleting old icons, I still ran out of space. iconses )

TezuRyo: oh my darlings )

Inui: oh Inui )

Other stuff: oh everyone )
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It's still June 3 here, so Happy Birthday, Inui!

eta: It was hard to decide whether "Inui" should scan as two or three syllables in English, but I fixed on two in the end.

Inui the Spy: A Story in Rhyme (and Dubious Taste)

Inui was a data man. He liked to write things down.
He peered and peeped and spied on people all around the town.

read more )
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A lot of Inui today, some Kaidoh, some Tezuka. And of course Ryoma. As well as the tenipuri episodes tag, I've added a Tenipuri Episodes category to my memories.

A question first: Why is "Ryoma" always written in katakana? Obviously it's a Japanese name (and meant to remind us of the samurai connection). Why no kanji? Did his parents just not pick any? This has long puzzled me.

7. Two Ryomas )

8. Split Step )

9. The Hard Day )
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Migraine fic liek whoa.

anything you want
InuKai, 400 words, NC17.
No plot, just sex. Sorry about that. Or not.

Kiss me, Inui says. )
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1. Re-upped the YSI link for A Present From Atobe since it had run out.

2. KKM 42-44. Like I didn't have enough crack in my day already. spoiler crack ) KKM is the only thing I've ever watched where there could be canon MPREG and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I'm surprised we haven't seen it yet. But what the hell is up with the subs saying "Yuri" now instead of "Yuuri"? Don't switch partway through!

3. Meine Liebe 10 dropped. Still downloading. Speaking of crack. Naoooooooji!

4. Changed my LJ layout to S2 so I could play with tags. But now everything seem so unfamiliar. Like it's not my place anymore. I shall twiddle with it more later and make it better. And then go back and tag all my entries. Shya, right.

5. Taped The Inside to watch later, since it's too traumatizing for the Boy. I enjoyed the pilot -- it wasn't great, but I thought it had potential. And serial killers are always good.

6. Genius 273. Eeeeee!

7. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes: Two Nanaimo women are the first same-sex couple in BC to be granted a divorce.. It's only fair.

8. There is so much Prince of Tennis love on my flist right now that I'm crushing on it all over again. Not that I ever cooled , but I'm all giddy now and thinking about it all the time.

9. Have been listening to Inui's album a lot. Sexiest voice ever. There something round about his voice, something smooth and sophisticated. It makes me think of Apple's design aesthetic, actually. I don't think there's anyone else whose voice makes me think of images.

10. Why isn't the frickin' Half-Blood Prince out already? I somehow had got it in my head that it was a June release and not a July one. So now I'm all set and I have to wait! The Boy's bookstore is having a midnight event and I have to decide if I should go to that and then try to stay up all night reading or just go to bed and get up early. I don't have a costume, so I'm thinking bed is the better option.

Probably the better option now too.
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A weekend of network troubleshooting and migraine and Inui's cracktastic album. You know how people say they could listen to so-and-so read the phonebook? Well, we get eight and a half minutes of Inui reciting the digits of π. Now that's fanservice.

And what with all the ethernet problems and head problems and Inui whispering in my ear, this happened.

3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu
Inui/various, PG13

read me )
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I was consulting Inui's room layout for something on the InuKai I'm writing. (The one I've been crazy bitching about for the last month, not this one here.) And then I had to look at Kaidoh's room as well. And Inui's bag check. And Kaidoh's bag check. (I got the bag-check scans from [ profile] triniophoenicis but I don't know who the original scanner was.)

I began to ponder the differences between them and lo! a fic was born.

Spit and Polish by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, PG13, 1700 words.
Everyone has their little quirks.

'Make yourself comfortable,' Inui said. )
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Still sick. Thus, fic of the self-indulgent variety.

Sitting On A Log
InuKai, PG13, 1100 words.
Inui, Kaidoh, moon, and stars.

NB: I couldn't figure out if there was a particular Japanese idiom for earthshine so I just went with the one I knew.

Inui needed more time. )
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Pussycat, Pussycat by Halrloprillalar
InuKai, 2200 words, PG13.
In which Kaidoh is the object of unwanted attentions and there is conversation about cats.

NB: I used to get angry at the anime writers for torturing Kaidoh all the time. Then I found out that it's impossible not to. Sorry, sweetie! It's just because I love you.

meow )
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I posted this in comments on [ profile] fffshuuu's Prince of Tennis smut meme entry and I thought I might as well flip it here as well. She kept getting RyoKai results for the little memegen thingy. RyoKai scares me more than any other pairing ever. And then there was this result: Inui x Momoshiro, at the temple, because they both needed comfort.

And that seemed to be too good to be true. So, I had to write it. 400 words and lime-flavoured.

Inui x Momo??? )


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