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Kaidoh's album! it's here! It's complete insane crack!. Character crack (including all of Seigaku, it seems) and seiyuu crack and not much actual singing, which is good because dear sweet Kiyasu can't really sing.

Download (Sendspace)

Thanks to [ profile] makaioh for uploading and to [ profile] ashewmoo for posting the romaji track listing.

I can't stop smiling listening to this. But that's probably no surprise.

And when somebody translates track 12 (Buchou), let me know ASAP!
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α One more sleep and a series of plane rides and I will be home.

β I have a theory that all the coffee in Saskatchewan has zero caffeine. No matter how much I drink, I don't wake up or even feel jittery.

γ Many thanks are due to [ profile] kestrelsan for responding to my plea to chat and cheer me up, thus saving me from capping myself in some unpleasant way.

δ And also for the kick-ass SPN mix CD, which has saved my soul alive. I hope you don't mind that my immediate reaction was, "I'm going to write so much MomoKai to this music!"

ε [ profile] pixxers, I'm so sorry I haven't got to your site stuff like I said I would. My brain has seriously been pudding and I feel like I'm in a different dimension when I'm out here. (Possibly a dimension without caffeine.)

ζ I did manage to start my [ profile] santa_smex story, though. Just the first scene, but that always feels like breaking a seal or pulling a cork. If I write some every day, I should have no problem getting it finished. I've really been looking forward to wirting this one. Or having it written, anyhow.

η I have my icon all ready for GP Fortnight. I'm willing to be convinced.

θ To stay sane and pass the time this weekend, I watched the Prince of Tennis movie with the subs. A few things come to mind:
* Kaidoh is really hot.
* I don't know which I liked better: the RyoKai, MomoKai, or InuKai.
* The movie follows the usual shounen sports arc much more closely than the manga or anime. The strong focus is on Ryoma's growth into a team player and there's nothing about his extraordinary potential. Tezuka wants to go to Nationals, Ryoma is the key to that, Tezuka trains up Ryoma for that purpose. And Ryoma makes out with Kaidoh learns the meaning of sportsmanship. It's so familiar and yet so odd at the same time.
* Is there any Higaki/Tezuka porn?

ι If I could have one wish, it would be for a new standard pairings prom story in the PoT section of ff.n. Or a standard pairings reunion story. There's been a real lack of standard pairings fic lately and I really need some.

κ Thank you, flist and fandom. You make me feel better just by being there. ♥ ♥ ♥
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So did they just cut the scene where Ryoma and Kaidoh made out or what? And could Kaidoh have been any hotter? And could I have been more geeky whenever I saw a toku actor I recognized?

fun fun fun )

Toku Actor Watch )

All this and BSG tomorrow! Life is good.
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Note: There may be mild spoilers for future episodes in these write-ups. Previous: memories or tagged.

Bowling and more screepcaps of Kaidoh's divine hotness than you can shake a stick at. Put on your sunglasses, because the hotness might blind you if you're not protected. Pillar of Seigaku? Fuck that shit. This is what the show is really about.

86. High on Rhythm! )

87 & 88. Chibi Adventures & Bowling

Tennis Folktale )

The Prince of Bowling )

Prince Detective!? )


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