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Short Ryoma/Kaidoh doujinshi scanlation by [ profile] leviosa8. So sweet! (Not explicit.) I am loving this pairing more and more. Someday I will figure out how to get them together. ♥

Info and poll about a proposed community for older fans from [ profile] laurashapiro. For support and shared info as we age and possibly discussion about the intersection of aging and fandom.

✜ I finally broke down and watched the final Trailer Park Boys episode, Say Good-bye to the Bad Guys. So funny and a really good send-off. Ricky, especially, was wonderful in this ep. Damn, I"m going to miss them all so much. (And I can never see Saul Tigh without thinking of Jim Lahey. They really are the same character.) There will be (or probably will be, not sure) a sequel to the movie yet, though that's not the same continuity.

✜ I had a dream that it was possible to use CSS stylesheets on people. So, you could style the people that came into your home. The hostess of the dinner party I attended was NOT pleased when I used my own stylesheet to override hers.

✜ I will catch up on answering comments this weekend. For sure.

✜ I like cheese.
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The Prince of Tennis movie, the Battlestar Galactica premiere -- just prelude to the crowning event of the weekend. Yes, at last it is here, the Trailer Park Boys movie.

It's based on the TV series, but it's not in the same continuity, so you can watch it any time. And it was well worth watching. Just as funny as I'd hoped, just as much profanity, and a little heartwarming as well. Go see it.

minor spoilers )

Oh, I love it so much. TPB is my favourite show. Here's a song from the album: J-Roc performing Trailer Park Life.

You know, watching this and BSG in the same weekend reminds me how I've always kind of seen Saul Tigh as the Jim Lahey of BSG, with the failure and the drinking and the deep-down honour that tries to find a way out. I'm not sure we can quite make Ellen == Randy, but there are some similarities. But Lahey has no Old Man to keep his head above water.
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T + 50 minutes.

Doctor Who was just the warm-up. This is what I have been waiting for for months and months and months. Trailer Park Boys season 6.

If I were the kind of person to grab you by the lapels and shake you and tell you, "YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!" — and I'm not, I'm the kind of person who will tell you, "well, I like this show so maybe you will," and then worry that you won't like it and you'll blame me for the wasted hours of your life, but if I were — Trailer Park Boys is the show I would be talking about.

Canadian television at its finest. The faux reality adventures of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Best. Show. Ever. So I sat there, with my Conky finger puppet and my rum and Coke and just about had a bloody heart attack, I was so glad to see all my boys and girls again.

Way of the Road )

I love this show. Also, I will be on about the Trailer Park Boys - Corner Gas crossover until a. it happens, b. I write it, or c. I die.


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