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[ profile] bethbethbeth has a great post on feedback. Not one of those tedious ones where people seriously disucss whether or not feedback is a responsiblity, blah, blah, blah, but rather, one where everybody posts about their feedback neuroses and just how pitiful and needy we all are, refreshing the comments again and again, just in case one person out there loves us.

Anyhow. Something people keep mentioning is trying not to post "at night" or "in the middle of the night" (which I assume means "in the middle of the night in North America") because then people won't read the story. This puzzles me. When I read my flist, if something interests me and I don't have time to read it right away, I open it in a tab and read it later; I don't just skip it. And I go through my whole list every day. If someone posts in the middle of the night, I'll see it.

I can see not bothering to read somebody's post about their aspidistra or how they really hate that new barrista at Starbucks because you have too many posts to go through in the morning and not enough time. But do people really do that with fic? Do you do that with fic?

If I don't get many comments on a story, I just assume that people didn't like it, not that there were time-zone difficulties. Have I been wrong all these years?

Please tell me so I can have one more thing to stress over. Unless, of course, you don't ever see this post because it's the middle of the night where you live.


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