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1. The [ profile] tenipuri_xpair story written for me was posted! Gravitational Attraction, Sanada/Atobe, R/NC-17. It's extremely lovely future-fic, university age, with that touch of wistfulness you get when you have to let go of the golden boyhood and figure out life as an adult. Also, it's hot. Go read and give the author some well-deserved love.

2. Finished the Haikyuu anime, except that Crunchyroll says the next ep is up in an hour, so I guess there's one more in this season. I love it a lot but haven't yet figured out if I fic-love it or not. I'm reading the manga now, so we'll see what comes of that. :) Will try to write up more of a review later on.

3. Also re-reading the H2 manga. Dear god, I forgot how lovely it is. It's one of Mitsuru Adachi's high school baseball series, probably my favourite. He's such a great storyteller, so funny but not over the top, and explores the relationships with a light hand that works so well. Baseball and love triangles -- what could be better?

4. Kind of ridiculously excited for the no-doubt ridiculous Cheer Danshi!!. Looks like both a manga and anime adaptation of a novel about a cheerleading squad at a men's university. There's a trailer video on the article. Go Breakers!

5. Looking for a coffee robot so I don't have to stumble around in the morning making my own.
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This was supposed to be the year of Tango Pair but this is all I've managed so far. Maybe next year can be Tango Pair year too.

1 A.M. by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Sanada/Atobe, 1000 words, R.
PWP. Future-ish. Sanada's head hurts.

Sanada puts down his glass. )


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