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Drabble for the [ profile] hp100 "new canon" challenge: Class Struggle. Wizarding children and Muggle primary schools.

Finally the Makin' Magic Sims expansion is out for the Mac. We just installed it and I spent a very little time playing with it. I haven't got to cast any spells yet, though. It looks pretty cool. I have a wand and all.

I remembered that I actually do have a Harry Potter Sims character, though I haven't played him in forever. He's one of the poor unfortunate children in the Wintergreen Memorial Orphanarium. Here they all are:

Kal is a quiet boy. He likes to spend time alone working on articles for the school newspaper. His parents died in a big explosion.

Harry is always getting himself into trouble, though he never means to. He's on all the school teams. Sadly, Harry's parents meddled in the affairs of a wizard when he was just a baby.

John loves to play outdoors. He brings home a lot of stray animals, but is rarely allowed to keep them. Last year, he had the lead in the school production of Dr Dolittle. John's parents died in a mishap with a large primate.

Annie sings all the time. Most people find it annoying. Her parents perished in a house fire, but she's convinced they're still alive.

Anne is super-smart and good at everything she tries. She's also easily distracted. She's being tested for ADD. her parents died of consumption, which Anne finds romantic for some reason.

Lizzie doesn't always play well with others. Her teachers go so far as to call her "disruptive". It's probably due to the trauma of losing her parents to a vicious axe murderer, poor thing.

Pollyanna doesn't have a write-up since she was born, not created. I had to install a buyable-baby item to get seven kids in one household.

Mrs Anastasia Pike runs the Orphanarium. She's quite nice to the kids, but not one, but two of her husbands perished when she walled them up and left them to die. Their urns languish in a crawl space.

Oh, and I bought a Mos Eisley Cantina LEGO set on my lunch break today. It has Greedo! I think once I build it, I'm going to put him face down on the table with Han walking away.


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