Jan. 3rd, 2012 05:07 pm
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[ profile] kestrelsan and I did another round of our Sekrit Holiday Fic Exchange! Last year she wrote me some super awesome MomoKai. This year, it was a super awesome Giant Killing story!

Prodigal Son by [ profile] kestrelsan, Tatsumi/Murakoshi, R. They have a lot to work out.

She really captures their awkward, uneven (also hot) relationship. Go, read, love. ♥

If you haven't checked out Giant Killing, I would really recommend it. It's a sports manga and anime about J-League soccer. So actual grown up men instead of boys (well, except Tsubaki!). In order to turn the club around, they hire a new coach who previously played for the team. And Things Ensue. You can watch Giant Killing on Crunchyroll. Murakoshi (see icon), the team captain, is voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou and Tatsumi, the new coach, is voiced by Seki Tomokazu in case that lures you. :)

I will post my own exchange story in a couple of days. I still have to think up a title!
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1. Giant Killing ep 5 is subbed! (I will be working on my main pimp post soon, but don't wait for me if you want to check it out.)

2. Slate article: Why do we love to root for the underdog? This made me think a lot about my devotion to sports series, which, with very few exceptions (*cough* tenipuri *cough*), are all about the struggle and rise of the underdog.

3. Fanfic is Immoral!, an articulate, well-reasoned, and kick-ass post by [ profile] pandarus in response to that whole Diana Gabaldon thing.

4. Finally found some thongs at La Senza that are not utterly painful to wear. This has been a long and expensive difficult search. But it turns out there are only two ways to avoid Visible Panty Line: thongs or nothing. (Or I guess I could stop wearing my skirts so tight, but what fun would that be?) And since opaque tights season is drawing to a close, nothing is no longer an option. I also got some great satin pyjamas there so I can look just as glamourous when I'm watching anime and eating cheese as when I'm out and about.

5. During the aforementioned search, I came across the C-String. Seriously, that thing isn't just going to pop off and fall to the floor while you're giving an important presentation to a big client because why?

6. You saw the most recent subbed dramapuri episodes, right? There was a SHOWER SCENE. Also, crazy, crazy tennis. And Hai Tang. Lovely, lovely Hai Tang.

Dear friends in fandom, you bring me much joy. ♥
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Proper pimp post later, but this is my official confession: so in love with Giant Killing, a new anime about J. League soccer. Hot men. Intrigue and drama. Fantastic characters. Okiayu Ryoutarou. Lots of great soccer. And love. So much love.

Many thanks to [ profile] iciak for recommending it!

ANBU & Umai are subbing. Four eps so far, you can catch up fast!

There will be blowjobs fic with blowjobs, I swear it.


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