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It's Sunday night.

Why isn't there a new X-Files episode?

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Did you fall into a time warp, my dear?

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Me, too. Those were good times! I remember being up until the wee hours every Sunday posting on atxf.

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Maybe Skinner's grounded Mulder AGAIN.

Stupid sexy Skinner!

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Come over and we will marathon TXF in our jammies and eat biscuits and talk about Mulder's stupid hair!

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Yes pls!

you almost made me cry

[identity profile] 2010-03-29 08:35 am (UTC)(link) in the Philippines, every Sunday the "Beyond" channel plays not one, not two but three XFiles episodes!!!!

And (no judging please), I brought my Mulder action figure with me :)

(explanation: he's sat on my computer since I started training four years ago, so he travels everywhere with me now)
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Agent Scully is not at all impressed with the current state of Sunday evenings.