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I'm not exactly gone and not exactly here at the moment. Mostly lurking for a week or two, I suspect. But I will surface for a few posts.

Two extremely cool people wrote Akihabara@deep fic for me in the last while. Two!

Untitled comment fic by [ profile] alice_and_lain. Even though we're on opposite sides of the Great Page/Box - Taiko/Box Shipping War. This is damn cute.

Et Tu, Page-kun? by [ profile] mousapelli. Box-kun bonds with vermin, and Page-kun works the BL angle.

I love you guys. ♥ When I get my Page cosplay outfit together, I'll come take you on a d-d-d-date!


Nov. 1st, 2006 08:47 pm
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There is Page/Box in my brain; it just hasn't completely surfaced yet. Though I am sekritly shipping Page/Izumu as well. Also, Page/Hal.

♥♥♥ PAGE ♥♥♥

Question for discussion: What do you think it would take for Akira to go on a date with Daruma?

I love this show so much. Damn.
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* I found my pants. No thanks to any of you.

* I was drunk but I still didn't sign up for [ profile] yuletide.

* I never tag the fic I write when I'm drunk. That is, I don't have a "written while drunk" tag. But I do tag the migraine fic. I figure "written while drunk" might have the same effect on readers as "I think this fic sucks but read it anyway". While "I have a migraine" might get extra comments out of pity. But I'm kind of interested to see if there are any distinct qualities to my migraine fic and to my drunk fic that don't show up in my "uninfluenced by any drug except probably caffeine" fic. Both the migraine and drunk fic are more likely to be PWP, but I'm not sure they're the same kind.

* Possibly I am way too self-involved.

* No hangover to speak of. That is, headache, but no nausea. I think this is because as well as drinking lots of water afterwards, I also ate lots of food. Of course, I probably gained half a pound, but there must be some sacrifices.

* I've been watching Akihabara@deep, a Japanese drama about a group of otaku. (TV-Nihon is subbing.) It's funny and cracky and touching and predictably I'm in love with Page because he's a sweet underdog with big black glasses and hair in his eyes. So, in the ep I watched last night, they were at a cosplay event, trying to help someone out. I kept stopping the file to check out all the costumes in the background and I was so charmed to see two girls cosplaying Shishido and Ohtori. I'm still smiling over that one.

* I'll try to stop posting so much.


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