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- I have finally finished the horrifying first draft of the last Chris/Georgi story! It's twice as long as I hoped it would be and it's probably going to take 6 - 10 hours of editing just to get it beta-worthy but it exists and that's enough for today. ♥

- Next on the list are two non-YOI exchange stories, one for Harumeku, a Prince of Tennis (my forever fandom) exchange, and the other for the Inter-High Exchange (IHX), sports manga/anime in general, which did include YOI but I decided not to offer it because I have enough of a list of my own to work through before SASO starts up again. My beta did tell me I was burnt out and should relax by writing some gratuitous porn, though, so some more YOI will probably sneak in there.

- I recently started playing in a new Pathfinder campaign and it's so great being back to it. Tabletop RPG is my secondary hobby, after fandom, and Pathfinder is my favourite system. (If you're not familiar, the base rules are essentially a fork of D&D 3.5.) My group is experienced and tactically smart but also really into the roleplaying aspect so it's usually the most fun night of the week!

- We're also back to playing more Marvel: Legendary, which is a co-operative deck-building game that's pretty much the most fun non-RPG table game I've ever played. (We had to sleeve all the cards, though, because sometimes when you draw Doctor Octopus and give his card a little kiss, you might get lipgloss on him.) I've actually changed my opinions on some of the characters based on their cards sets. I used to think Namor the Submariner was a pompous asshole but now I think he's a really hot pompous asshole. (Who should totally get back with Sue. Which would free up Reed for Victor.)

- I hope you are all having a great weekend! ♥♥♥ Doing anything fun?
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Sounds like you've been writing up a storm! Go you!

I've never played a *cooperative* deck-building game! Sounds fun!

My DM runs a very casual game based on easy rules he made up himself, and we're wrapping up our big time travel story arc soon. After this we're going to experiment making a game format using Magic: The Gathering cards to help our creativity along, since we have tons of the cards lying around. Basically, whenever we need to make a random monster appear we grab a Magic creature card (a Phyrexian Looter appears!) or when we need a random landscape we grab a random Magic land card (you are sent to the Llanowar Wastes!), etc. We want to try a format for a while where the DM doesn't have to do much prep work at all! It'll be more group effort. And Magic cards have lots i of art and mechanics and flavour text right on the cards themselves, so it'll help give us ideas.
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I'm so glad cooperative games are becoming more common!

Yes, we're going to try out using Magic cards for plot elements too. When we were testing it out for a few minutes yesterday we were pulling doppelgänger cards and other fun stuff like that--great imaginative fodder. But maybe we'll start out with our own basic plot framework though...something simple like "you have been hired to kill all the things!"
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I used to think Namor the Submariner was a pompous asshole but now I think he's a really hot pompous asshole

Correct opinion.

I'm bad at RPG card games and tabletop stuff in general, so I read cooperative deck-building and pictured you working together to beautify your yard or something.