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Yuri!!! on Ice GPF timeline thoughts/questions/feelings

Working on some fic set closely in the GPF and the timeline seems a little unclear. As I understand it, unlike the events leading up to it, the final usually has a full day off for the men between the short and free programs. For example, the schedule from 2016 [PDF]. But is that necessarily always the case?

From the anime, this is how I understand the timeline:

day 1: skaters arrive, check in to hotel; Chris and Victor hang out at the pool while Yuuri sleeps
day 2: public practice, then sight-seeing, ring exchange, group dinner
day 3: short program, Yuuri gives Victor the "let's end this speech", Victor cries tears of liquid diamond

Then we can't tell if there's a full day off from competition or not. There's just a line about how Yuuri hasn't shown up to any public practices.

day 4 or 5: free skate, the hug that never ends
day 5 or 6: exhibition, banquet

Have I missed anything? Is this your understanding too? Would you find it jarring for fic to assume the short and free programs happen on consecutive days instead?
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Wikipedia appears to have schedule for previous years, and it looks like that's not always the case - at least it wasn't in 2014 or 2015. (Link I found: )
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I think whichever works best for your narrative should be fine -- there doesn't seem to be any clear canon one way or the other. Then again, there's only the six finalists in each discipline skating at the GPF, right? So it seems to be more concentrated than other competitions.

Whatever works, honestly -- it's an AU from RL, right? ;)
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It would have caused a little 'what?' from me, but reading this I have learned that the day between programs is fanon, not canon. So, thanks for the better information!