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Yuri!!! on Ice GPF timeline thoughts/questions/feelings

Working on some fic set closely in the GPF and the timeline seems a little unclear. As I understand it, unlike the events leading up to it, the final usually has a full day off for the men between the short and free programs. For example, the schedule from 2016 [PDF]. But is that necessarily always the case?

From the anime, this is how I understand the timeline:

day 1: skaters arrive, check in to hotel; Chris and Victor hang out at the pool while Yuuri sleeps
day 2: public practice, then sight-seeing, ring exchange, group dinner
day 3: short program, Yuuri gives Victor the "let's end this speech", Victor cries tears of liquid diamond

Then we can't tell if there's a full day off from competition or not. There's just a line about how Yuuri hasn't shown up to any public practices.

day 4 or 5: free skate, the hug that never ends
day 5 or 6: exhibition, banquet

Have I missed anything? Is this your understanding too? Would you find it jarring for fic to assume the short and free programs happen on consecutive days instead?

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