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"No?" Youhei raises his eyebrows.

"She gave some to Rukawa!" Hanamichi throws over a desk. People scatter. "I'll kill him."

"She'll be mad at you," Youhei says. "Better not."

Hanamichi grabs Youhei by the collar, then drops him again. He slumps into his seat.

"You can eat these." Youhei sets a box of chocolates on the desk.

Hanamichi takes one. And another.

"Maybe next year," Youhei says.

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Ah! Poor Hanamichi! It's like he can never win....I would totally give him some chocolate! ^_^

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You're absolutely right....I'm as oblivious as

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OMG <3333 YouHana <3333

Uh, I mean. I admire the restrained gen-ness here, with Hanamichi's ridiculousness contrasted with Youhei's cool support for a bittersweet ending in keeping with the spirit of the original manga.

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^___________________________^ Always there to comfort him. Eternal patience, they call it.