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I am sleepy after getting up in the middle of the night to watch Roger and Rafa battle it out one more time.

I regret nothing.

Roger Federer kissing the Australian Open 2017 trophy

When they went to the fifth set, I honestly thought Rafa would win. So much joy filled my heart when Roger turned it around.

There were so many great rallies! And I can't stop thinking about Roger's second serve ace. Seriously, wow.

There are still good things in the world.
copracat: Rafael Nadal comforts Roger Federer after 2009 Australian Open Men's Final (rogerxrafa-AO2009)

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Wasn't it wonderful. I too, though Rafa had it, I mean, stats are on his side. And his poor little face! But bless, he got over it because he is a good and fair sportsperson - and possibly caught sight of his face on the big screens!

What an excellent two weeks of tennis with exactly the right outcomes.