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Fandom Snowflake: Day 6

[community profile] snowflake_challenge Day 6: Create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

This is difficult for me because I am not an asker. And I'm definitely a must-do-everything-myself-er. (It was years before I was comfortable even asking my partner to make me a cup of tea.)

* Invitation from an artist to collaborate on a comic or doujinshi. (I can't imagine having the nerve to ask an artist this.)

* Concrit on my writing. It's not something I would ever offer unsolicited to anyone but would love to have so I can see where I need to improve. But it's a big time commitment to ask for and also makes me feel like I'm being, I don't know, presumptuous, maybe?

* Art of Mitsui from Slam Dunk as a hockey player -- in a hockey sweater, with proper hockey hair, and all his missing teeth showing. (Maybe with Kogure in the background as his manager!) I've been daydreaming this one for years!

* For people to feel free to make requests of me. :)

I also put up a Transformative Works statement on my AO3 profile and my LJ/DW sticky posts; should have done that ages ago.
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As far as concrit goes, do you use a Beta? I often find that the right Beta can really make a world of difference to your writing as they'll not only help weed out all of the typos and grammar farts that happen to all of us, but may also help you with plots and general structure if you ask. I've had the privilege of working with some amazing betas that have turned my crappy stories into something really quite decent - my beta'd and un-beta'd fiction is worlds apart in terms of quality.

I'd offer to help out, but I'm not entirely sure how useful I'd be as we have relatively few fandoms in common.
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If I were more confident in my art, I'd totally collab, so don't think you can't ask. <333 I could also beta/crit a couple small pieces for you!
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I also put up a Transformative Works statement on my AO3 profile and my LJ/DW sticky posts; should have done that ages ago.

I'm another one, along with [personal profile] analise010, that is a huge advocate of this, so thank you!
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Artist present! You can check my art on LJ or on AO3.
This is actually perfect because for 2017 I wanted to try and do a comic!

I think we have in common Gundam Wing and Merlin as fandoms, but in Merlin I mostly just ship Percival/Gwaine I'm not sure that's your cup of tea, while in GW I ship pretty much everyone of the pilots with each other XD my favourite character is Trowa <3 but they're all such good characters I'd love to draw them all *__*

Because it's my first time I think it's best to make a short comic I have no problems with any rating, did you already have an idea on the kind of comic or on how to work things?

Another thing is that I'm a little swamped rn and I draw slowly so it would be a long term thing, if that's not a problem I'm on board :D

Well... maybe I jumped the gun a little but I'd really love to collaborate :D :D
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:D I'm sure we'll get around to something.
Hear you in february then :D
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Having an artist draw something from one of my fics would be pretty cool. I've seen some great collaborations out there and when it works, it really adds something to the story.

Also - having to ask people for things is the worst. If only people could assume my every desire :P
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wandered my way over here from the snowflake challenge!

i have wild aspirations of working as the artist/character designer for a doujinshi or comic, but i'm still...pretty shy about my skill set in that regard.

idk if you're comfortable sharing your writing with...essentially a complete stranger, but i AM always happy to talk to other writers about their works and give feedback and stuff. it seems like we might have some overlapping interests (gundam wing and the classics! ahhhh!), if you want to stay in touch?

also, hi! nice to meet you. :D