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Whatever, I'll do what I want

I sometimes feel embarrassed about how long I've been in Prince of Tennis fandom but I've been trying to get over that feeling. Because it doesn't look like I'll be over tenipuri any time soon.

When I first started watching the anime, lo! these many years ago, I posted in my LJ: I don't anticipate that I'll be reading in this fandom a lot or that I'll be writing in it at all (or even posting about it much in LJ). Two weeks later, I posted my first InuKai fic. <3 (And I'm at over 100 stories now and still grinding them out.)

After that, I instituted a system where if I wrote a story in another fandom first, I was allowed to write a tenipuri story too, since tenipuri was all I wanted to write. I'm back to that rule now. :) (Trying to write more Haikyuu!! especially; I love those characters a lot.)

It's not always fruitful to analyse why you like something but I can say that the sprawling cracked-out canon with the adorable and over-the-top characters really, really appeals to me. Like Doctor Who & Star Wars -- there's so much to chew over and discuss and try to make fit. I consume and enjoy media that's excellent, with tight plots and detailed relationships, but it only rarely makes me want to talk and write and flail like this glorious mess of a not-actually-a-sports-series does.

So, when I want to post about tenipuri, I'm going to post about tenipuri and fuck being embarrassed about it. When I want to write PoT fic, I'm going to write PoT fic. When I want to flail about the Chinese drama, I'm going to flail about the Chinese drama.

Please be kind. :)
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Tenipuri posts = ♥️

[personal profile] flonnebonne 2016-09-25 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I rewatched a coupled episodes of Tenipuri recently and I could not believe how bad they were and how much I enjoyed them. I don't know why this series is so amazingly lovable but it is. It's probably my mom's favourite series. Maybe one day we'll have the literary/psychological tools to describe this but I think right now we don't. Tenipuri is just magical that way :D
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*toasts to you* Definitely do all the tenipuri you want! There are always people who will be excited along, and as for everyone else, eh, fuck it, they can read something else.
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Good for you! Fuck embarrassment! Own your love!

Thanks for explaining the appeal of this particular canon, BTW. I have wondered.
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[personal profile] torch 2016-09-26 07:55 am (UTC)(link)
I completely support the contents of this post.
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I know what you mean about the embarrassment! There was a while where I felt the need to apologize to fandom friends for still wanting to talk about PoT after all this time ... but by this point I've accepted the fact that my love is here to stay, and I keep running into other people who feel the same, so I think there are a fair number of us. :) The sprawling canon (and the abundance of supplemental material) definitely helps, I think, as do the characters and their incredibly endearing weirdness. I'm glad you're still here and I fully support your decision to fan without shame!
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how many episodes of Prince are there?

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You write what you want, Thor!

I like to just hear you talk about it.