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Dear XMAS OUJI Creator

Thank you for creating for me, fellow tenipuri fan! You are a star ⭐️ and I appreciate you very much. :)

About Me
I'm Hal, been into Prince of Tennis since 2004. If you want to check out my fic, I'm slowly getting the back catalogue up on AO3: [ profile] prillalar. Everything that's not there is up on the index of all my Prince of Tennis fanfiction. I'm familiar with the manga, both tenipuri and shin tenipuri, anime, including OVAs and movies, live-action movie, and Chinese drama. I've watched some of the musicals, but I don't really know much about the actors (except Katou Kazuki, because he was in Kamen Rider Kabuto ❤️).

There's been, um, a kind of long gap between my sign-up and finishing this letter, so if I contradict myself, go with what I said in the sign-up.

In General
Prompts are suggestions only, in case you're looking for ideas. Ignore the prompts entirely if you want, just create something that you like. So long as you don't hit my dislikes, I would much rather receive a work that made you happy than one you weren't feeling but felt you had to create to conform to my preferences.

Boyishness, sports, tension, romantic triangles (not three-somes), side characters with girlfriends, helpful friends and family, sad works, happy works, ideas that seem good at the time, prom, Horio.

AUs (except the one where they're all hockey players), crossovers, mpreg, A/B/O, genderswap, three- or more-somes, spin the bottle, Irie and his saxophone.

Up to PG-13/T if they're under 18, R/M and up if they're older for fic; prefer up to PG-13/T for art regardless of age

Otherwise, anything is great. Plot is great, PWP is great, fluff is great, moments in time are great, love triangles are great, humour is great, crack is great, serious is great. Canon-age is great, future fic is great. Happy endings, sad endings. Slash, het, gen -- it's all great. :)

Charaters & Pairings
I looooooove Seigaku, especially Kaidoh Kaoru. Feel free to add in any other Seigaku characters (including non-tennis players) I didn't list in my sign-up. But, really, there's nobody I dislike from the main tenipuri manga/anime, including coaches and side characters. (From shin tenipuri, I really only like Tokugawa.) So feel free to pull in anyone from any school, including in pairings. I was going to list my next favourite school, but wasn't able to pick.

If you want to do something shippy, some fave pairings are (order of names in pairings has no significance): Inui/Kaidoh, Momoshiro/Kaidoh, Ryoma/Kaidoh, Inui/Tezuka, Fuji/Kaidoh, Tezuka/Kaidoh, Fuji/Kawamura, Kawamura/Akutsu, Tezuka/Atobe, Sanada/Atobe, Inui/Yanagi, Kaidoh/Kirihara, Tezuka/Oishi, Atobe/Momoshiro. (But I'm good with pretty much any pairing except Ryoma/Yukimura or Inui/Ryoma.)

I also really love the Chinese drama so if you were looking for an excuse to make some fanwork for it, go for it! I love them all, though my heart beats fastest for Hai Tang, Zhen Zhi, and Guo Guang, especially as a love triangle.

Optional prompts (please don't use all of them at once):
Camping, part-time jobs, a surprise pet, ballkids at the Japan Open, winners and losers, school festival, the way things used to be, a chance meeting in an embarrassing place, navigating life after school, anonymous letters, backhand down the line.

I hope you have fun with this!