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Dear Prime Time Player...

Thank you for writing for me, author! You are a star. :)

About Me
I'm Hal, been in and out of fandom since 1997, back after a few years gafiation. Most of my fic isn't on AO3 (slowly getting it up there); best bet if you want to see some of it is to check my LJ tags for fandoms.

In General
Prompts are suggestions only, in case you're looking for ideas. Slot other characters into the prompts, ignore the prompts entirely, just write something that you like. I would much rather read a story that made you happy than one you weren't feeling but felt you had to write to conform to my preferences.

That said, my strong dislikes are: AU, mpreg, A/B/O, genderswap, three- or more-somes.

Prefer future fic for rating higher than R, since all the characters are still in high school.

Otherwise, anything is great. Plot is great, PWP is great, fluff is great, moments in time are great, love triangles are great, humour is great, serious is great. Happy endings, sad endings. Slash, het, gen -- it's all great. :)

Please feel free to toss anyone else from Karasuno into the mix! I would enjoy Kageyama/Hinata slash but gen (or het) is also awesome.

  • It's the school festival and Kageyama and Hinata are both cast in bit parts in a play.
  • Hinata treats Yachi to an afternoon out to say thanks for helping him study. Is Kageyama disconcerted?
  • Hinata wants Kageyama to teach him how to set, so he can understand Kageyama better.
  • Any sort of mission or task they have to undertake together.
  • Any situation where they are forced to confront their feelings about each other -- romantic or not.

Slam Dunk
I adore YouHana, especially with Pining!Youhei, but anything is lovely, any pairings or gen. I love all Shouhoku characters, so add anyone you like. (MitKo is also a favourite.) Actually, I love all Slam Dunk characters except Hikoichi. And I'd even read about him if he was getting eaten by a bear. (I just really love Slam Dunk. Like, a lot.) I also really enjoyed the fighting in this series, almost more than the basketball.

  • Hanamichi asks for Youhei's help in wooing Haruko.
  • Rukawa and Sakuragi get locked in the gym overnight.
  • Rukawa challenges Sendoh. Sendoh takes Rukawa fishing. (With sexy results?)
  • Rukawa goes to his favourite roof spot to take a nap, but Youhei is already there and waiting for him. Why?
  • Sakuragi is disrespectful to Anzai-sensei; Mitsui is unhappy about this.
  • Any characters trying to navigate the vagaries of high school life.
  • Any characters working out what they'll do after high school.

Abe/Mihashi and Hanai/Tajima are fave pairings, but write whomever you like, and feel free to throw in anyone else from Nishiura that didn't make the character list. It's been a while since I watched/read Oofuri, so please forgive me if I've prompted things that actually happened in canon.

  • Hanai gets bogged down by school work or admin work from being team captain; Tajima suggests he ignore all his responsiblities while they cut class together.
  • Mihashi hurts his hand; Abe freaks out.
  • Momoe makes Hanai and Abe host a thank-you party for the mothers association.
  • Tajima and Mihashi try a dodgy nutritional supplement to help them grow muscles.
  • Any characters caught in an embarassing situtation.
  • Any characters being pressured to join another club / team.
  • Any characters working their way up from the bottom.