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I solved my "rewatch PoT anime or drama?" dilemma by rewatching Oofuri instead. Still so very, very charming. Very. ♥

Can I watch fast enough to get through before the first sub of the new season drops? (The raw is out already.) Good thing it's a long weekend!

I'm kind of wanting to do an all-baseball month, actually. At what season does Major stop being annoying? Any any other baseball series recs? (Anything by Adachi Mitsuru is already on the list.) Ooh, and did that Rookies movie/special ever get subbed? Must re-watch that series too. And maybe the baseball bits of Kamen Rider Kabuto.

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Actually, I didn't find Major annoying at all until Goro went to the US! I especially loved the first season.

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My favorite baseball series is the one that has 2430+ new episodes every year. ;)

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In what language? XD

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I was planning to make a similar comment, albeit with a different kind of icon. ;)

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I can't object to Mo. :)

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There are few who can. ;)

Your icon cracks me up. I was very relieved that the Yankees reacquired Nick Johnson in the offseason since they lost Wang.

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Come to the dark real side! We have epic bromances too. ( (The good stuff comes at 1:42)

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Sport romances are like chips: you can't just have one.

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Woo, can't wait for new Oofuri episode to be translated!
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O hai! I stumbled upon your journal via googling for Oofuri stuff recently, & just saw this post. I talked about a bunch of baseball series recently (the Dreamwidth version has more comments but not really discussion, sigh). (If you are on Dreamwidth I recently started a baseball animanga community...)

I like Major a lot, actually, though this most recent season has been a little frustrating because Goro seems to not be growing at all.

Aside from that, the main baseball series that I love right now is Taishou Yakyuu Musume: if you're not into shoujo you probably won't like it, but I love it! I can't seem to get into Cross Game for some reason...