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It's all going off without a hitch. I just wish I could have used robots instead.

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You'll never take me alive. :|

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You totally win. (:

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Bra...damn, my finger fell off.

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Dammit, I knew were behind this somehow.
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Bitch, I'm armed and if you're anywhere near Texas, you better run. Cause even though I can't aim for shit, I have enough amo.

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I should have known. This has your signature stamp all over it.

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Interestingly enough, I've only had 2 zombie-related posts on my flist today. This is the second; the first was from a level-headed person older than myself pointing out that her flist was full of posts from people who were posting about scary things happening without using the word zombie or offering any sort of link or explanation as to what they were doing.

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