BSG: Scar

Feb. 4th, 2006 06:03 pm
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Oh my god, this episode was Starbuck porn. I want to watch it again with the sound off.

I could hardly breathe while I was watching. Just. Kara. Kat. Kat. Kara. Lee. Kara.


I have nothing intelligent to say.

Kara, you are the only one. The anime boys are cute and all, but they're not you. Nobody will ever be you. I am so available to be used and discarded by you. I'll do your laundry and rub your shoulders and make sure you have pens that write. I'll buy you boilermakers and let you blow cigar smoke into my face and do anything you want. You don't even have to learn my name.

Just so you know.
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I can't stop staring at my Kara icons. Logically, then, I need a whole gallery of Kara icons to stare at.

Please comment with your Kara Thrace icons so we can build a Starbuck shrine gallery shrine.

NOTE: Please do not take icons without first getting the permission of the poster.

Here are mine:

Oh, Kara! You make me wish that I were straight just so that you could turn me gay!
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Do you think there's anyone on Galactica that doesn't want to fuck Kara?

ETA: Who do you most want to see Kara fuck right now? On the show, in fanfic, in your fevered dreams?

Me: Kara/Ellen.

ETA 2: Done with the comment fic, but I'd still love to hear your choice for Starbuck Fuckbuddy of the Year. :) And if anyone else wants to take a stab at Kara/Ellen... *g*

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Request ficlet the second, for [ profile] lasultrix, who asked for Starbuck being a playboy. R, 500 words.
This is new BSG, not old. (Is there a standard way to indicate that yet?)

No spoilers past the miniseries.


Kara is tired. )


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