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2017-05-21 09:57 am

SASO 2017 Master List

I'm Hal from Team Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky! You can find me at: [ profile] prillalar prillalar#9651@Discord [ profile] prillalar

Please Bait Me With (not an exhaustive list of fandoms I'll write)
- Any Slam Dunk at all. Please. Especially Youhei/Hanamichi, Mitsui/Kogure, and Sendoh/Rukawa. But just any Slam Dunk, I beg you.
- Prince of Tennis – I'll write anything, this is well known. But faves are, of course, Inui/Kaidoh, Momo/Kaidoh, Inui/Yanagi, Inui/Tezuka, Fuji/Kaidoh, Atobe/Tezuka, Atobe/Sanada, anything about Horio. (I love Tezuka/Ryoma almost as much as Inui/Kaidoh but they are difficult for me to write.)
- Haikyuu!! - DaiSuga, any combo of Tsukki, Kuroo, and Bokuto, Shimizu/Yachi, for starters
- Yuri!!! on Ice - Christophe/anyone. Especially Victor. But especially anyone. Anyone at all. And pretty much any other rare pair.
- Daiya no Ace - Chris/anyone. Also, Kataoka is life itself.

(And if we want to go to the Christophe/Chris place, I'm already calling that ship Bicycle Built For Two.)

Note about baiting: Any prompts I make, I'm super happy for ANYONE to fill. I know with SASO people will make prompts that they know their friends will like and I do that too. But I want to meet new friends and I want lots of fills for my prompts and I really hope people don't feel excluded by anything I post.

Remix Permission
Blanket permission to remix any of my bonus round fills! I also have a general Transformative Works policy.

My Fills


P.Y.T. YOI, Celestino/Chris, M, 80s aerobic instructor AU

Second-Hand, Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, M, Mitsui never joins the basketball team

Remember the Milk, YOI, JJ/Yurio, Superhero AU

BR 2: Tic Tac Toe

Serpentine, YOI, JJ/Otabek, T, i'm just tryna get you in the mood

Lovely, YOI, Christophe/Yuuri, E, This moment will just be another story someday

BR 3: FSTs

Photograph, YOI, Christophe/Victor, M, Photography by Ed Sheeran

Untitled, YOI, Christophe/Victor, M, Take on Me by A-ha

BR 4: Quotes

Untitled, Prince of Tennis, Inui/Kaidoh, T, “I vow to protect you from danger. And I don’t care if I have to fight an ultimate fighter. Or a bear. Or him! Or your mom. I would take them down. I’m getting mad right now just thinking about it.” - Andy Dwyer, Parks and Rec

Treat, YOI, JJ/Otabek, T, "He wanted to do it. He wanted to help you. He did what he wanted, because it made him happy. It made him happy. It wasn't about you." -- HERO, by Hwei Lim

Untitled, YOI, JJ/Yuri, E, underage, “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde

BR6: Remix

Sweeter, YOI, Christophe/Victor, E, Fic remix of K's lovely Chris/Victor + Toblerone art

BR7: Free for All

Better Than Ice Cream, YOI, Victor/Georgi/JJ, M, based on the official merch of the three of them with some giant ice cream cones
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2017-01-01 08:09 am

2016 Fanfic Round-up!

47,000 words, 30 stories, 5 fandoms: Prince of Tennis, Lord of the Rings, Haikyuu!!, Slam Dunk, Yuri!! on ICE. Not bad for my return from hiatus. :)

Stories are in alpha order by canon, not chronological, so in the YOI section there are a couple series that might be out of order. All links to AO3.

Important note: I wrote two tenipuri stories with prom this year. Hell yeah!

All The Fics )

Favorite story: If we go by "times I re-read my own story for pleasure" it has to be With Great Power. It's a perfect combo for me: kind of cracky InuKai but with real feelings. The last line still makes my heart flutter.

Best story: Definitely RR245. My beta did tell me it "requires close reading" but that's what I like. (Though I've resolved to avoid this extremely cut-down style for 2017 because it's so time-consuming to write.)

Most underappreciated by the universe: Maybe Gimme Shelter. Not that it was unappreciated at all! But I did think it would go over a bit better than it did.

Most fun to write: Probably With Great Power again. That was one of those stories that springs out fully formed, like Athene from the head of Zeus.

Sexiest story: To me, Glitter. Not so much because it's basically all sex, but the way it starts to reveal them both to each other, just a bit.

Hardest fic to write: That would be RR245 again. This is a style I think of as "negative space", kind of extreme show-don't-tell, and it's really difficult for me. But so worth it.

Biggest disappointment: Haikyuu!! didn't engage me as a writing fandom as much as I'd hoped. I still hope to write more though, especially for next year's SASO.

Biggest surprise: Yuri!! on Ice. Oh my fucking god how did this sports anime turn into a mega-fandom? Let's ride this wave forever! Also, I'd been really longing for a fandom to capture my writing heart with actual grown-up chracters with sexual histories and YOI is perfect for this.

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2016-07-17 08:50 am

Fic: Haikyuu!!, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis

Reveals for Not Prime Time are up and this is what I wrote. It was so fun to jump in with some Kageyama/Hinata -- they turned out to be really great to write and just so adorable.

Hobbies Include (2303 words) by Halrloprillalar
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio, Karasuno Volleyball Club

Hinata and Kageyama have to add a non-volleyball hobby to their schedule to be "well-rounded". This goes about as well as you'd expect.

And two SASO prompt fills! (I had a family vacation, so I haven't been too productive with writing.)

Lure (435 words) by Halrloprillalar
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Slam Dunk
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rukawa Kaede/Sendoh Akira
Characters: Rukawa Kaede, Sendoh Akira
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, SASO 2016

"Sendoh's phone is off again. Rukawa will only allow himself one mail before he snaps his own shut."

One Sky (533 words) by Halrloprillalar
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Echizen Ryouma/Tezuka Kunimitsu
Characters: Tezuka Kunimitsu, Echizen Ryouma
Additional Tags: Tennis, SASO 2016

After U-17 is over, there's time for one more match.

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2016-07-13 06:54 am

Not Prime Time Gifts

Not Prime Time went live on Monday! Somehow, I ended up with THREE gift stories. Maybe I did some act of kindness this year that I forgot and this is my reward? Maybe I sold my soul during a moment of intoxication? Maybe I'm just really lucky?

I don't know which is the main assignment and which are treats, but I enjoyed them all! If they are Relevant To Your Interests, please check them out and give the authors some love.

Cut out all the ropes (and let me fall) (1091 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Slam Dunk
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mito Youhei & Sakuragi Hanamichi, (with hints of Mito Youhei/Sakuragi Hanamichi)
Characters: Mito Youhei, Sakuragi Hanamichi

It used to be the five of them, with Noma, Ookusu and Takamiya trailing along behind them. Now it's just Sakuragi and Youhei.

Favours Between Friends (2535 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou & Kageyama Tobio & Yachi Hitoka
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio, Yachi Hitoka
Additional Tags: Friendship, Shopping Malls, Fluff, Yachi is a great wingman, wingwoman?, she's just great

Kageyama and Hinata are determined to repay Yachi for her help, but somehow Kageyama ends up indebt to her again in the process. Not that he minds.

Pulled Into His Orbit (2129 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Romantic Fluff, Volleyball, Communication, Teaching

"But what does that have to do with learning how to set?"

"Because Kageyama, that's you. You're just as much volleyball as I am and we're dating now. Yachi said her magazine said that I have to learn more about my boyfriend to deepen our relationship, so what better way to do that than learning how to set?" Hinata's eyes shined bright. "I want to know how you think."

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2012-03-26 07:12 am

It always comes back to this.

Pro Tip: Don't start rewatching Slam Dunk as a reward for working on your Prince of Tennis story.

This weekend has been a lot more reward than writing! But I can't regret it -- Slam Dunk is King. Always and forever.

This is probably my fifth time through. Yet out of the blue, I'm now shipping Sendoh/Rukawa. No idea why it hit me now, but it hit so hard I'm daydreaming un-ironic fanvids about them to Call Me Maybe. It's a sickness.

Sendoh and Rukawa under the basket

I see them having these casual hook-ups. Sendoh enjoys it and finds Rukawa fun to tease but that's as deep as it goes for him. Rukawa is completely in love with Sendoh. And Dramatic (but Subtle) Things Ensue.

Still not as epic as YoHana, though. ♥
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2010-02-14 03:46 pm

(no subject)

"No?" Youhei raises his eyebrows.

"She gave some to Rukawa!" Hanamichi throws over a desk. People scatter. "I'll kill him."

"She'll be mad at you," Youhei says. "Better not."

Hanamichi grabs Youhei by the collar, then drops him again. He slumps into his seat.

"You can eat these." Youhei sets a box of chocolates on the desk.

Hanamichi takes one. And another.

"Maybe next year," Youhei says.
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2009-12-25 06:31 pm
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Happy Slam Dunk-mas!

Finished up Shohoku vs Kainan, which was awesome as always. Can't wait for Ryonan -- that's my favourite game by far. And the moment that Akagi and Uozumi share after that game is my favourite moment in any sports series.

Every time I re-watch, I get a little closer to actually shipping RuHana. My god, when they fight each other in the gym after Kainan! So much energy between them. I'm still not sure what the way in would be though, for fic, anyhow. But it must be there. The YoHana is strong, too, as always. Youhei even looks fondly at Sakuragi's empty desk when he's not in school.

♥♥♥ MitKo gets its own line. ♥♥♥ When they come into the gym together and Ayako says they're very lively! ♥♥♥ Clearly from making out in some dark corner. Clearly. ♥♥♥

And now: more episodes.

Slam Dunk, you are the fandom of my heart.

Comment at LJ:
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2009-12-25 06:30 pm
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Happy Slam Dunk-mas!

Finished up Shohoku vs Kainan, which was awesome as always. Can't wait for Ryonan -- that's my favourite game by far. And the moment that Akagi and Uozumi share after that game is my favourite moment in any sports series.

Every time I re-watch, I get a little closer to actually shipping RuHana. My god, when they fight each other in the gym after Kainan! So much energy between them. I'm still not sure what the way in would be though, for fic, anyhow. But it must be there. The YoHana is strong, too, as always. Youhei even looks fondly at Sakuragi's empty desk when he's not in school.

♥♥♥ MitKo gets its own line. ♥♥♥ When they come into the gym together and Ayako says they're very lively! ♥♥♥ Clearly from making out in some dark corner. Clearly. ♥♥♥

And now: more episodes.

Slam Dunk, you are the fandom of my heart.
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2008-12-17 09:24 pm

Cold enough for you? OR I'm alive, you're alive, that's good.

❆ My cold is nearly better but I have had no voice for eight days now. My life feels like it's full of secrets since I'm always whispering.

❆ Rewatching the Mitsui flashbacks in Slam Dunk: So that's what Okiayu sounds like when he tries to talk like a real junior high student.

❆ Also Slam Dunk: In his first year, Akagi wore #10, the same as Sakuragi does now. ♥ Their relationship is one of my favourite things about the series. (One of my many, many favourite things.)

❆ Rewatching the Visit Tezuka in Germany episodes in Prince of Tennis: Tezuka smiles, he laughs, he teases Ryoma. And he fantasizes about Sanada. ♥

❆ Watched the first episode of Leverage. Cheesy but so much fun. I do love me a good caper.

❆ I ate and drank so many of my favourite things today: coffee w/ whipping cream, meatloaf (fried!), cheddar & bacon omelette, blackberry crumble with whipped cream, chocolate, almonds, more cheddar.

❆ I've often had dreams where I was lost in a city or town and didn't know how to get back to where I was supposed to be. Recently, I've been having dreams where I'm lost in a city or town but that's okay because I have my iPhone so I can easily find my way. Oh my darling iPhone! You make even my dreams better.

If I were Inui, who would you be?
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2008-12-14 10:24 pm

Reading, Watching, Coughing

I'm a bit behind on my [ profile] santa_smex reading, due to some projects (some of which have names like Top Sekrit Project: Cough Up Phlegm), so I hope to catch up and post another round-up in a few days.

However! The story for me was posted today so I rushed to read it: The Spice of Life. It's InuKai and it's lovely and sweet and the boys are both entirely adorkable and there is cooking. I'm so pleased! ♥

On the watching front, Merlin reached new heights of slashiness, if you can even believe it. I'm so sad we have to wait for more. But happy that there will be more!

And I've been medicating my cold with Slam Dunk. Oh love, love, love all over again. My heart is overflowing with all the YoHana while my brain beavers away trying to think of how to get them together in some fic. I swear, Yohei doesn't even try to hide his love for Sakuragi. He's always gazing at him with this little smile. So tender.

If you're curious to dip into Slam Dunk or you've been thinking about re-watching, Saizen has recently started subbing from DVD source and they've released the first five episodes. The quality is great and they're mkv files so you can disable the subtitle track if you want to cap. Once you've watched that and gotten hooked, come see me for more. :)

Slam Dunk is king.

ETA: DoReMii released their sub Prince of Tennis Chinese drama Episode 5! EPISODE FIVE. Which I've watched raw, and raw with translation, and subbed, more than once. And will now watch again. :) The glory and beauty of the Guo Guang/Hai Tang/Zhen Zhi love triangle has to be seen to be believed.
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2008-11-30 09:46 pm
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My Holiday Wish List

1. A time machine so I could go back to when Slam Dunk fandom was active and flail and discuss and write YoHana and Fujima/Hanagata and a little RuHana and Sendoh/everybody and oh so very much MitKo.

2. Cheese.
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2007-06-17 10:15 pm


»    Anybody got any good Fujima/Hanagata? I'm having such a craving and ff.n is not my friend.

»    Doctor Who: Utopia. !!!

»    Lately, I can't stop thinking about Inui. Everything I want to write involves him in some way. But really, I just wish he were real so he could be my friend.

»    I'm drinking way too much coffee.

»    Your search - elan/roy slash - did not match any documents.

»    I still like cheese.
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2007-05-29 12:24 am
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Slam Dunk Fic & Happy Birthday Marks!

Happy birthday, [ profile] marksykins! I didn't manage to get this up while it was still the 28th here, sorry. I'd been hoping that by the time your birthday rolled around, I'd be able to manage some Hanai/Tajima for you, but it turns out to be still a little too early. So, instead, MitKo. I hope you like it. :) And I'd come over and eat your brains, but I'm too sleepy. ♥

Nineteen by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Slam Dunk, Kogure/Mitsui, PG13, 1600 words.

read the story )
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2006-12-11 09:14 am

(no subject)

A week later the tape is still on Kogure's glasses, holding the arm together. Mitsui glances at it in the changing room, his eyes flicking back again and again. Kogure smiles when Mitsui catches his eye and Mitsui looks away.

There are many things Mitsui regrets but this is the only one he doesn't know how to apologize for. )
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2006-09-12 10:36 pm

Home and dry.

Almost writing songfic. Home and Dry - Pet Shop Boys.


It's not quite five am when Tezuka finds the gate, and sits, and waits. He stares at the clock hanging from the ceiling, watches each red digit change until they no longer tell the time, just make a pattern in front of his eyes.

The doors open and Tezuka stands. He finds Ryoma in the crowd and Ryoma's sudden smile is as good as a kiss. Tezuka takes Ryoma's bag, Ryoma shrugs and lets him.

They are halfway home when Tezuka remembers he left his half-empty coffee on a seat in the terminal.


Kogure has been back in town for two days. Someone saw him at the station and told Mitsui later. Mitsui carries boxes and lifts furniture and wonders if his mobile will ring. On his lunch break, he checks to make sure it's charged. Then he turns it off.

It's snowing when he gets off work. He turns the corner, and there is Kogure, half a centimetre of white on his collar and glasses fogged over. Mitsui stops and they look at each other under the street lamp.

"Your hair is growing," Kogure says at last.

Mitsui doesn't know what to say, so he grabs Kogure around the chest and closes his eyes and doesn't move until Kogure's hands lock around Mitsui's waist. Kogure's cheek presses against Mitsui's and it's so cold that Mitsui shivers.

"How is university?" Mitsui says as they pull apart.

"Fine." Kogure stuffs his hands into his pockets. "How is work?"

"Fine," Mitsui says and they walk, somewhere, Mitsui doesn't know where. At least I'll get laid, he tells himself and blinks against the wind.


"The flight is delayed," Kawamura says and Akutsu can barely hear him over the static on the line. "Don't bother to meet me."

"Like I would." Akutsu holds the phone to his ear until Kawamura rings off. He eats supper with the TV on and lies on the floor afterwards, arm behind his head, blowing smoke into the air and staring at the ceiling.

It's past two when the door opens. Kawamura sets his bags gently down and slides past them into the room. "You're so noisy," Akutsu says, and rolls over to face him, blanket tangling around his legs.

Kawamura smiles as he shrugs out of his jacket. "You left the light on."

"I fell asleep before I could turn it off."

"I brought you something." Shadows cover half of Kawamura's face. He looks thinner than when he left. His eyelids are drooping. He needs a haircut.

"I don't need any more crap," Akutsu says. He reaches up, pulls Kawamura down onto the futon, rolls half on top of him, pressing his face against Kawamura's neck.

Kawamura turns off the lamp.


I think that's enough for me. Do you have any?
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2006-05-28 09:26 pm
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Slam Dunk Fic: Convalescence (MitKo)

Happy birthday, [ profile] marksykins, whose prowess is awesome and whose brains I desire to eat! A little MitKo to kick off Slam Dunk for you. (Since the PoT I was trying to write crashed and burned.)

Convalescence by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 700 words, G.
Kogure visits every day.

Timeframe: first year

The peel curled off the apple )
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2006-01-26 12:09 am
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Slam Dunk Fic: The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990 (MitKo)

Birthday fic #1. Basketball boys. And just because it bears repeating: Slam Dunk is king!

The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990 by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 540 words, PG13.
A day in the life.

Dear diary... )
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2005-12-04 11:20 pm
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Slam Dunk Fic: Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street (MitKo)

First time with the basketball boys. It's always odd writing the first fic in a new fandom; the names aren't familiar to my fingers and I'm still trying to find the shape of the relationships. And probably invoking every cliche in the fandom, since I haven't had a chance to read any fic yet. But I couldn't wait.

Anywhere else I should post this?

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 950 words, PG13.
After the Shoyo game.

One by one, they woke and dressed and left. All but Mitsui. )
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2005-11-13 05:53 pm
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PSAs, le weekend, and Slam Dunk

Prince of Tennis: Genius 191 raw. (YSI, zip) These are the good quality scans, as good as you're going to get from weekly Jump, anyhow. There are often LQ scans available a little earlier, but I don't bother putting them up here. I don't really have anything to say about the issue.

Meine Liebe: At last, a sub of the final episode - 13. (Haven't watched it yet.) Torrent file.

Harry Potter: There's a Snape/Harry, James/Snape doujinshi scanlation up at [ profile] yaoi_daily. NOT WORK SAFE. You have to join the community to view and you have to be over 18 to join. The link is to the third of three posts; you can get to the first two from there. Harry is at school, so he's young, but this isn't shota. And if you're not used to reading doujinshi or manga, the panels go right to left. Not much of a story, but very pretty.

And there's a raw Dr Ten Hughes/Roy doujinshi being posted as well. It's so gorgeous.


I've just had 5 days off. I did read LJ during that time, but didn't really comment like I should have. I got work done on my projects, though less writing on my current WIP than I would have liked. I foolishly decided it needed to have seven sections and I've only got through one so far.

I re-read The Fifth Elephant and Night Watch because after Thud! I needed more Vimes. Never enough Vimes! Night Watch, especially, I love. Vimes and Vetinari. They're not friends but they could never do without the other.

I drank a lot of coffee, but no whisky at all for no very good reason. And I ate most of a box of expensive chocolate creams. Ah! The best part about the Boy doing Atkins is that I never have to share my treats. :)

All in all, a productive time. It would have been productive-er if I had thought to write watch 50 episodes of Slam Dunk on my to-do list. As it stands, I guess that was just slacking.


I've been watching Slam Dunk on and off for a while, but I just went crazy and watched, yes, 50 episodes over the last three days. (There are only about 17-18 minutes of new material per episode; it's not like watching 50 episodes of Buffy.) The games go on for fricking ever -- when it get down to the last ten minutes, you can count on an episode for each two minutes at least and sometimes for each one.

As you might guess, Slam Dunk is a basketball anime. (My second -- the first was Dear Boys.) Basketball and a little gang fighting (which I so enjoy). It's pretty hard-core shonen -- I could do with about 15% more character stuff -- but I'm really enjoying it anyhow. (Obviously, or I wouldn't be watching so much.)

I did read some of the manga earlier on, but the scans I had were pretty bad in terms of visual quality and it hurt too much to read them. (If anyone has good versions, please let me know.) It took me a while to warm to Sakuragi and Rukawa is not my favourite, but I do enjoy their dynamic. And I love everyone now. Yohei is my boyfriend. He's so the Kenickie to Sakuragi's Zuko. But he's more mature and you can tell he's always looking out for Sakuragi. Such a sweetie.

Since I haven't finished the canon yet -- I'm up to ep, hmm, 88 I think, and then there are the OVAs after that -- I haven't gone looking for fic, because I don't want to be spoiled. So I don't know what the main slash pairs are, except for the obvious Sakuragi/Rukawa. For me, they're what I think of as a Schrödinger's Ship -- I'm waiting for the event to occur that will collapse the waveform and then I'll either have shipped them from the beginning or never.

Kind of how it was with Sasuke and Naruto, actually, whose dynamic is very similar. You've got the annoying comic relief who is also the main character (Sakuragi, Naruto). He is a loser, but holds great potential inside. His greatest desires are to be acknowledged and to defeat his rival. You've got the rookie with amazing skills (Rukawa, Sasuke). He's a loner, he's taciturn, he's justifiably proud of his skills, and he looks down at the main character. Even though they are rivals, they are on the same team and must learn to work together. And you've got the girl (Haruko, Sakura). She is loved by the annoying one and loves the taciturn one, who does not return her affection.

Me, though, I'm shipping Kogure/Mitsui. I'm shipping them hard. To the point where there will be fic, even if nobody wants to read it. It's been a while since I had the thrill of going through new canon like this, looking for the little moments between my chosen pair. Any look, any word, any touch will do.

I also hope that Miyagi and Ayako will get together. How can she resist him?

I've just got through the qualifying tournament. spoilers )

I wouldn't necessarily tell you to run out and download this, unless you really like sports anime. Which I do. If you do too, give it a try.

And who do you ship, if you're a fan?