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My favourite Japanese word is Koushien. But my second favourite is henshin.

Best Kamen Rider movie I've seen yet. Actually, I think I'll come out and say that Kabuto has edged Blade out from the number one spot in my affections. (Kagami/Tendou is still second to Takumi/Kiba though.)

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Now, to watch it again.
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The Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Battle Video is the best thing since Kaidoh's ass. For serious. Kagami and Tendou and So. Much. Crack. Also Love.

Anyhow, Kabuto is over and I am sad. It ended well, though, probably my favourite KR ending to date. It was such a shiny, shiny show, with great suits and fights and characters and the Eternal Love of Kagami and Tendou. The crack was delicious but the serious moments were even better.

There are two songs that say Kabuto to me:

Because I Told You So - Jonatha Brooke. This is Tendou and Kagami and Hiyori. ♥

Sex Bomb - Tom Jones. This is every "Henshin!" Every Rider Kick, every Clock Up.

I keep saying that KR Blade is my favourite Kamen Rider show, but I may have to amend that. Kabuto was just that good.
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1. The weekend family visit was good overall, though the petting zoo was horrifying. The animals stared at us with their dead eyes, too far past caring to even hate us. Goats threw themselves at the fence for a handful of pellets from a vending machine. Chickens huddled in the corner, reminding us of the previous night's supper. Look, look, said the mothers to the children. A sheep! A rabbit! A goat! I felt sick and went to sit in the shade. But now I'm home. Many thanks to those who provided porn and amusement. You will have your reward in heaven.

2. Stargate SG-1 200: F.A.B. mini-spoilers )

3. Stargate SG-1 Cancellation: I feel relieved, more than anything. I haven't been enjoying for quite a while now and feeling guilty about it. Now I can start from the beginning again.

4. Rewatching Kamen Rider Kabuto is so shiny that I am making vids in my head and sighing over Tendou/Hiyori/Kagami. OT3, who would have thought? And Kabuto's Cast-Off form is so cool, just so damn cool. I talk about the plots and the character development and the pretty boys and the crack, but really? I'm there to see the fighting. Rider Kick!

5. I'm itching to start writing the story I worked out during my vac downtime. Poor Kaidoh.

6. Re the whole fic remix thing, I've had two or three incidents where someone has enjoyed one of my slash stories and then rewritten it from the other character's point of view. That made me uncomfortable not so much because it was a desecration of my perfect prose, not a line of which shall be altered, but because they then emailed me the story which put me in an awkward social situation. So, if you play with one of my stories, please let me know in such a way that if I don't like it, I don't have to either lie or hurt your feelings. Or just don't tell me.

7. Apparently, there are secret cabals. To the best of my knowledge, I'm not in any (or at least not any that have formed in the last five years). If you have a secret cabal and you would like me to A. be a member or B. be your arch-nemesis, please get in touch.

8. The Boy and I were talking about arch-nemeses and we figured that he has two. I don't think I even have one! I kind of wish I did, though it would perhaps be time-consuming. I wonder if I'm anyone's arch-nemesis. Or does it have to be a mutually agreed thing?

9. Watching Spike and Angel fight is one of life's greatest pleasures.

10. I sleep now.
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Kagami fils is the sweetest sweetie ever. I want to buy him video games and knit him a sweater and tell him that everything is going to be all right, honey. And Kagami père? Oh my god, I'm so attracted. Do you think I'd make a good step-mother? I'd be supportive of Kagami and Tendou's love.

So, I'm really in love with Kamen Rider Kabuto these days. It's giving me just exactly what I love from toku: a near-flawless blend of serious plot, strong character development, and insane crack. I would pimp the show harder, but TV-Nihon's BT page is still down. So another time.

I uploaded a few caps from eps 26 & 27. In the Duel pic (#4), does anyone recognize the actor on the left? There's another pic of him, without glasses, below it. He seems familiar, somehow. Or maybe just really, really pretty.

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