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It's my birthday again. I am pleased to be still alive. :) And pleased to link you to this year's birthday story, a short and sappy sweet InuKai: Backhand.

This year, I've made birthday greetings extra-easy on you. Simply fill out the poll and your social obligation is taken care of!

I love you all -- I'm so glad to still be in fandom and to know so many wonderful people. ♥ ♥ ♥

[Poll #1672808]
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One more year and I didn't die. Seems like an accomplishment. :)

I've posted my birthday story for 2010: In the Lurch (InuKai). It contains a few of my favourite things, so I hope it makes you smile.

I'm smiling today. I have a great partner, great friends, great fandom. I love my job, I love my hobbies. I have cheese, I have chocolate, I have coffee. I love my MacBook, I love my iPhone, I love my Kindle. The only things I still want are a smart car and Drew Barrymore. And it's good to have things to wish for. Else I wouldn't know what to do when I blow out the candles.

Thank you for your part in making my life so fantastic! ♥ ♥ ♥
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One more year and I'm still around!

I've already had my major birthday celebration: my trip to Santa Cruz with [ profile] laurashapiro. Our birthdays are close together so this year we decided to treat ourselves to a getaway. It was so awesome!

Otherwise, I didn't bother with a party or pub night this year; just dinner with my sweetie tonight. Just what I like best. :)

And, of course, I've posted my birthday story: Show Your Work, some sweet (I hope) InuKai.

I'm still having so much fun in fandom and it's all down to you guys. Thank you for being around and posting and commenting and generally being cool!

I ♥ you all.
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It's my birthday. Tell me you love me. And Wayne, too, of course. :)

Low-key day planned, dinner with friends, lots of lounging, and maybe a movie. Exactly like I like it. Now if Drew Barrymore jumps out of a cake, the day will be pretty much perfect.

You all have a great day too!


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