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I used to have a Treize/Wufei desktop picture at work and I would stare and stare and stare at Treize's boots and think thoughts that should not be thought in the workplace.

This is a WIP from Jan 2004, which I never finished because I had so many challenge stories to do that it was probably April before I had time to get back to it and by then I'd lost momentum. This is, and I refuse to blush, slave fic, probably the greatest 13x5 cliché ever, which I well knew when I started it.

But nobody gets called Dragon and there is no falling in love. It was supposed to be about honour and respect and submission. (Really, it was just an excuse to write slave sex. I'm only sorry I didn't get to the scene where Wufei has to kneel on the floor all night and watch Treize and Zechs make love.)

This is a complete scene so it's readable. Possibly even sexy.

The Red Cord (unfinished) by Halrloprillalar
Gundam Wing, 13x5, NC17, 1300 words.
Alternate history. Non-consensual. Cliché, florid, and gratuitous. I do not apologize.

When Wufei came into the room, Treize was cutting a pear into wafers so thin they were almost transparent, slowly eating each slice as it fell from the knife. )

ETA: Hoshikuzu no Senshi-tachi, Treize's image song. Lyrics and translation. Treize is my favourite voice of Okiayu's characters. So smooth.


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