Column: California Wildfires

Oct. 21st, 2017 06:08 pm
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Posted by Heathen Chinese

Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire
— Robert Frost

At the time of writing, 22 different wildfires in Northern California have burned 217,566 acres, killed at least 40 people, and destroyed over 5,700 buildings, including entire neighborhoods in the city of Santa Rosa; an alarming departure from past wildfires, which have mostly affected rural areas. Over 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate and the smoke caused “the worst air quality ever recorded for smoke in many parts of the Bay Area.”


It is common sense that California’s prolonged drought exacerbated many wildfires, but last winter’s pouring rains were no relief, for they too abetted the intensity of the current fires by encouraging the proliferation of annual grasses, which have already died and turned into a fuel source. The fires have also burned the primary wine and marijuana-producing region of California, a region indisputably ruled by the god Dionysos, blackening the skies and bloodying the sun with the ashes of grapevine and cannabis. But Frost’s poem and the current fires bring a different set of powers to mind as well.


In the old Norse poem Vǫluspá, the vǫlva prophecies to Óðinn that at Ragnarök, the forces of Múspellheimr, the world of fire, will attack the Aesir and Vanir:

51. O’er the sea from the east | there sails a ship
With the people of Múspell, | at the helm stands Loki
After the devourer | do the clown’s sons [fíflmegir] follow
And with them | the brother of Byleist goes

52. Surt fares from the south | with the scourge of branches
The sun of the battle-gods | shone from his sword

In Gylfaginning, the fire giant Surt is the guardian of Múspellheim and fights in the vanguard of the “sons of Múspell” as they cross the rainbow bridge Bifröst, causing it to shatter beneath them. While there is considerable contention about potential Christian influence in Vǫluspá and other accounts of Ragnarök, it is undeniable that the sons of Múspell and the “scourge of branches” are loose upon California right now.

Gylfaginning also contains a strange story in which Thorr and Loki travel to the castle of the giant Útgarða-Loki (“Outyard-Loki”), who challenges the travelers to a series of contests. Loki claims that no one is faster at eating than him, and his boast is contested by a being named “Logi:”

Then a trough was taken and borne in upon the hall-floor and filled with flesh; Loki sat down at the one end and Logi at the other, and each ate as fast as he could, and they met in the middle of the trough. By that time Loki had eaten all the meat from the bones, but Logi likewise had eaten all the meat, and the bones with it, and the trough too; and now it seemed to all as if Loki had lost the game.

In the morning, however, Útgarða-Loki reveals that “he who was called Logi was ‘wild-fire,’ and he burned the trough no less swiftly than the meat.” Dagulf Loptson analyzes this story as an illustration of the difference between Loki as sacred cremation fire and Logi as uncontrolled wildfire (150-151). Both are fire, but one preserves the bones for burial, and the other consumes them entirely. One is directed (though never truly tamed), the other is completely unchecked.

When Loki captains Naglfar, the ship made of dead men’s nails, against the Aesir and Vanir at Ragnarök, the distinction between Loki and Logi is effectively incinerated. All the world is cremated, all the world is consumed. Though some modern Heathens see Surt as “king” of Múspellheimr, Gylfaginning portrays him as a guardian, and Loptson theorizes that Loki may instead be seen as ruler of that land, thus explaining his blood-brotherhood with Óðinn as a pact between two kings. Furthermore, by parallel to Freyr and Njörðr, Loptson suggests that “identifying Loki as a hostage king of Múspellheimr may explain his presence in Asgard, as the Muspilli demonstrate no threat to Ásgarðr until after Loki and his children have been imprisoned, thus breaking the truce between the two nations” (139-140). According to this theory, the broken pact is the dissolution of the world.

Apocalyptic Polytheism

[California Office of Emergency Services.]

In Miðgarðr, it is clear that “mankind has broken the covenant with nature,” as Peter Grey writes in Apocalyptic Witchcraft (4). In California, indigenous tribes used to do controlled burns every year, and historian Mike Davis points out that in addition to climate change, relentless capitalist development of wilderness area makes it inevitable that houses will continue to burn:

This is the deadly conceit behind mainstream environmental politics in California: you say fire, I say climate change, and we both ignore the financial and real-estate juggernaut that drives the suburbanisation of our increasingly inflammable wildlands.

It is too late to restore balance between civilized mankind and nature, but that does not mean that we should not respond to the imbalance:

Apocalypse is not escapism as some suggest. It is being held in the jaws at the threshold of life and death. It is sacred confrontation and revelation. It is utopia and dystopia in eternal exchange. It sees through. In Christianity apocalypse is used by the world haters who argue for war, in the New Age as a panacea for those who long for ascension, I use it to awaken us from dream.

There is no other way to talk about apocalypse. I do not choke the inspiration in my throat. I will not simply watch the last dance or describe the dancers without losing myself amongst them. We must be brought to an awareness of the moment. (6)

The eternal exchange between utopia and dystopia is exemplified in the twin prophecies of Badb (here identified with the Morrígan, who in other texts is described as her sister along with Macha) at the end of the Second Battle of Maige Tuired, one full of blessings—”Strength in each/A cup very full/Full of honey”—and the other much bleaker: “False judgements of old men/False precedents of lawyers/Every man a betrayer/Every son a reaver.”

Like Badb Catha, the battle crow dancing on the points of spears, we must lose ourselves in the last dance, which is also the final battle. Our awareness of the moment demands action, even — especially — in the greatest moment of despair. As Grey writes in “A Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft:”

13. The War is upon us.

14. Choose then to become a Mask.

15. Those with nothing left to lose will dare all.


Constant disaster (from the Latin roots dis + aster, “an unfavorable star”) is the new normal in these times of violent climate change, but it is the old normal as well. As was written on the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief page on so-called Columbus Day, “we must remember that for some communities, disasters have been unfolding for centuries, depriving people of life and liberty every single day.” In the wake of disaster, the state prioritizes maintaining its control above all else. Officials of the city of Santa Rosa imposed a curfew within evacuation zones to prevent looting. In Puerto Rico, police and military personnel stay “in luxury hotels with power, clean water, dedicated catered buffets, air conditioning and internet service while elderly residents with cardiac conditions lie sweltering in structurally damaged homes without access to any of the above.” And on October 16th, SWAT teams tellingly decided to spend their resources raiding Mutual Aid Disaster Relief’s base of operations in Puerto Rico.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a network founded on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action. Their mission statement frames their project as “solidarity not charity,” explaining that they believe that “disaster survivors themselves are the first responders to crisis; the role of outside aid is to support survivors to support each other.”

They write in their guiding principles that they understand their relationships to be reciprocal: “We seek as much as possible to break down the barriers between givers and receivers of aid. Everyone has something to teach and something to share. And we all need assistance at times.” The ancient Greek word ξένος (xenos) meant both “host” and “guest,” for there was an understanding that the hospitality of the host would be reciprocated if they ever traveled to the home of their guest, a relationship divinely protected by Zeus under his epithet Xenios. In the Bay Area, mutual aid for wildfire survivors has already begun, both organized by people in the North Bay and with people driving up from other parts of the Bay Area to distribute supplies and volunteer medical skills.

Disasters also bring social tensions to the fore: “We recognize that disasters are times of localized upheaval and suffering, but are also opportunities for the rich and powerful to consolidate power.” In California, as elsewhere, one of the major tensions and consolidations of power is prison.

Prisoner firefighters. [CalFire].

The wildfires are being fought by prisoners: “The inmates, who roughly equal the state’s civilian firefighting forces . . . . receive $2 per day for their time spent in any of the state’s 43 inmate firefighter camps, and an extra dollar per hour while on a fire line.” The state has proven extremely unwilling to relinquish any part of its slave labor force. In 2016, when the state of California was considering reducing its prison population of 115,000 prisoners, “lawyers in the office of then-Attorney General Kamala Harris said that releasing too many prisoners ‘at this time would severely impact fire camp participation—a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought.’” The state is literally keeping people in prison longer in order to be able to send them to fight fires.In North Carolina, however, fire provided an opportunity for liberation, the latest in a wave of prison revolts across the country. On Oct. 12 at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution, “inmates started a fire around 3 p.m. at the prison’s specialty sewing plant, where about 30 inmates work. After the fire was started, several inmates tried unsuccessfully to escape.” Dionysos, destroyer of the dungeons and palace of Pentheus, inciter of slave revolts, possesses the epithet Eleutherios: Liberator. Even as his vineyards and marijuana grows burn, a chthonic sacrifice by fire, the use of prisoner firefighters does not escape his notice. Nor should it escape ours.

When I was still a little child, I admired the hardened convict on whom the prison door will always close; I used to visit the bars and the rented rooms his presence had consecrated; I saw with his eyes the blue sky and the flower-filled work of the fields; I followed his fatal scent through city streets. He had more strength than the saints, more sense than any explorer – and he, he alone! was witness to his glory and his rightness.

Along the open road on winter nights, homeless, cold, and hungry, one voice gripped my frozen heart: “Weakness or strength: you exist, that is strength.” You don’t know where you are going or why you are going, go in everywhere, answer everyone. No one will kill you, any more than if you were a corpse.” In the morning my eyes were so vacant and my face so dead, that the people I met may not even have seen me.

In cities, mud went suddenly red and black, like a mirror when a lamp in the next room moves, like treasure in the forest! Good luck, I cried, and I saw a sea of flames and smoke rise to heaven; and left and right, all wealth exploded like a billion thunderbolts.

-Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell

* * *

The views and opinions expressed by our diverse panel of columnists and guest writers represent the many diverging perspectives held within the global Pagan, Heathen and polytheist communities, but do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wild Hunt Inc. or its management.
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This isn't Fables. But my bet is it's for the same people who like Fables. -- Bill Willingham

Read more... )

So I made a thing

Oct. 21st, 2017 08:02 pm
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... mainly because I never can quite stop myself, even when I remind myself how many comms I already have:

[community profile] mystery_mansion

It is a comm for all things mystery, crime and detective-related! News, reviews, discussion, links, promotions, fests, fanworks of all kinds etc. etc. You know the drill. (Fictionally speaking, whether TV, book or other.)

I wondered if there was one when I wrote my Daisy Dalrymple ficlet and went looking, and found that, technically yes, but not only had it not been updated in 4 years, it had rules that didn't make it clear what it did and didn't cover, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a (hopefully) more general and open one anyway.

I will promote it presently. In the meantime you can feel free to join, and also please tell me obvious authors/detectives/shows I left off the profile (although I can't have them all). Also above is a handy banner for promoting in your own journals and communities (as appropriate).

If anyone is interesting in co-modding, that would be great.

Also there is a new prompt up at [community profile] b7friday! It is the inevitable spooky one, but spooky is good, right?


Oct. 21st, 2017 03:01 pm
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The first secret from this batch will be posted on October 28th.

1. One secret link per comment.
2. 750x750 px or smaller.
3. Link directly to the image.
- Doing it RIGHT:
- Doing it WRONG:

Optional: If you would like your secret's fandom to be noted in the main post along with the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret. If your secret makes the fandom obvious, there's no need to do this. If your fandom is obscure, you should probably tell me what it is.

Optional #2: If you would like WARNINGS (such as spoilers or common triggers -- list of some common ones here) to be noted in the main post before the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret.

Optional #3: If you would like a transcript to be posted along with your secret, put it along with the link in the comment!

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Leicester get their Champions Cup campaign back on track with a dazzling seven-try win over Castres.

There is a Field, I'll Meet You There

Oct. 21st, 2017 02:38 pm
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Title: There Is a Field, I'll Meet You There
Author: Shoshanah-ben-Hohim
Artist: blueorangecrush
Pairing: Alex Galchenyuk/Olli Maata
Rating: M
Warnings/spoilers: non-famous family members as characters, homophobia, homophobic language, xenophobia, references to child abuse/neglect/endangerment, starvation/food deprivation, non-graphic violence, references to torture, detailed descriptions of life in a Russian prison.
Summary: Sequel to "There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe", or: the NHL's rescue operation for Russian children is in the past, but for Alex Galchenyuk, or Sputnik, nothing is over yet. There is a long way to go for him to regain what he lost the night he was arrested.

Link to Fic:
Link to Art: Playlists for each chapter are linked at the beginning of the chapter.
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Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the Catalan parliament's powers will be curbed and elections held.
[syndicated profile] bbc_worldnews_feed
With almost all votes counted, Andrej Babis' party has secured almost triple its closest rivals.

I immediately regret my life

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:46 pm
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So let's say I was going to make a terrible life choice and try to do NaNoWriMo. This is a bad decision, by the way, because I am trying to recover my house and prepare for hosting thanksgiving, and it's difficult to convince my brain to write words when there are chores to be done. (In my mental hierarchy, writing is only a hobby, and thus becomes optional; whereas keeping up with basic adulthood and cleaning the home are higher priority requirements - which only comes into play because my energy pool is so critically limited.)

The thing is, I have plenty of ideas, and some even in the conception stage, but they're mostly problematic in some way that adds some risk to a project I have only 10 days to prepare for...

- Ausrine (A Poly Pilot, Genderqueer Vampire, and Lesbian Werewolf Explore Space) - I have incredibly amazing and complex backstory, worldbuilding, setting, and a vague semblance of a plot, but not necessarily enough of a structure to keep it from becoming My Giant Infodump about these characters

- Shattering (In Which Sev Plays With God/Goddess Archetypes) - there's some plot, and the entire point of this story was to push forward and let the plot direct itself, but I'm having trouble working with what sort of religious archetypes I can pull and use and where the line of disrespect/appropriation lies, to a point where the writing often stutters

- Feyhaven/Witchhaven (My Self-Insert OC has Cats and Magic) - may or may not share a world with Shattering - promises to be really fun writing, urban fantasy (or rural fantasy, really), but like, what's plot

- Beacon (The Dragomire Family Magnum Opus) - has outlines, plot, everything is ready to go -- but this is nowhere near a 50K word tale, this is my crowning glory project, and even though most everything is ready to proceed I'm not sure if *I* am ready to truly dive in

- Fanfiction - fuck it, anything from Harry Potter to Final Fantasy crossover porn, just write the things

- The First Day of Autumn - has everything it needs to be word dumped, at least; started in a previous year and just got blocked/stumped

- Overflow - another previous NaNo project - same, in terms of things that were started and then blocked themselves

- The Mundane One With The Lesbian Werewolf, The Truth Witch, and Detective Work - needs to be flushed and fleshed out - easy setting, should be simple enough to push a simple plot through and make A Book

I think that's most of what I have sitting in the brainshelves; I'm sure I'll think of "the best one" approximately 35 minutes from now. It's hard to look at these and see which one wants to walk me through 50,000 words to success with a minimum of research/plotting time and a maximum of word dumping time.

Someone just tell me this is a bad idea


Oct. 21st, 2017 01:16 pm
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Thursday, 10/19/17. Cell phone pic; click for full size.

As photos go, it’s nice enough but nothing to write home about. As compositions for paintings go, it’s got a whole lot of potential.

This is how I see the world, much of the time. “Will this fit a 24 x 48”?” And “I could add a horse or two in silhouette behind those trees...”

How are you at Dream Interpretation?

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:46 pm
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So I have been having the weirdest dreams lately.
Often I don't remember the details, but this morning I did, and since I wrote it all out while in chat with [personal profile] torino10154 to see what she though (she thinks it's the drugs LOL) I figured I'd share here.

Cut for bizarreness )
So how about it, those of you who actually read all that rambling?
Any ideas WTF is going on?

Manchester City 3-0 Burnley

Oct. 21st, 2017 05:42 pm
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Sergio Aguero equals Manchester City's goalscoring record as they beat Burnley to go five points clear at the top of the Premier League.


Oct. 21st, 2017 01:50 pm
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I will update this through the day rather than making separate posts, unless I actually have something to say about the books. But I've been reading not-nonstop-but-plenty since 8:05 AM, it's 1:45 now, and I am pleased with myself.

A list of books and some thoughts. )
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Huddersfield Town end Manchester United's unbeaten start to the season as Jose Mourinho's side fall five points behind league leaders Manchester City.

Manchester City 3-0 Burnley

Oct. 21st, 2017 05:12 pm
[syndicated profile] bbc_worldnews_feed
Sergio Aguero equals Manchester City's goalscoring record as they beat Burnley to go five points clear at the top of the Premier League.
[syndicated profile] bbc_worldnews_feed
Lewis Hamilton underlines his domination of the United States Grand Prix weekend with fastest time in final practice on Saturday.
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I’ve signed up to write a story for the “Fandom Loves Puerto Rico” charity auction. 


If you’re not familiar with these sorts of fannish auctions, they’ve been organized many times over the past years as benefits to raise funds for disaster relief.  The first one I was aware of was for the Haiti earthquake. 


How it works:  Fans offer various items, such as fic, art, vids, beta services, handcrafted items, etc., which usually include customization of the fic or item for the winning bidder.  Fans are given a certain amount of time to bid for the item.  The winner then donates the bid amount to the charity and emails a screencap of the receipt or other proof of donation to the creator.  Then the creator and winning bidder can discuss further details.


The auction went live on October 17th.


Deadline for bids is October 23rd.

Once again, I cannot figure out how to make links work in DW, despite reviewing their FAQ, so if anyone has any advice, could you let me know?  Thanks!

Here’s the main link:


Here’s a “how to” FAQ:


I’m offering a 1,000+ word fic with a minimum bid of $10.00.  Go to the bottom of the page.


There’s lots of fandoms to choose from.  Over 300 people have signed up to create items for this charity.  Here’s the list of fandoms with links to the people who are creating works in each fandom.


Here’s the chosen charity:  ConPRmetidos.  I googled and found out:  The nonprofit is based in Puerto Rico, and is accepting donations that will be first be used for the immediate needs of food, shelter and water, and later transitioned to long-term recovery efforts.


The organizers said:  “The reason that we've chosen ConPRmetidos is because of their focus on long term, sustained repair of Puerto Rico's infrastructure. They'll be fixing roads, hospitals, homes, and the electrical grid. They're financing local companies and local efforts. They're working with the Puerto Rican National Guard to coordinate resources and fill financing gaps. And they're not going to leave in a couple weeks.”">ConPRmetidos

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Vid Title: Cornflake Girl
Vidder: [personal profile] sol_se
Fandom: The Watcher in the Woods
Summary: The woods, a ghost, a solar eclipse, and Bette Davis. This movie has two different endings. Both exist simultaneously in different dimensions.
Reccer's Comments: This is awesome! (and it works really well for me even though I've never seen the source)
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In the interest of Being Excellent and considerate of those who plan to watch this episode, all references to the content of this episode are stashed under the cut and will remain so hidden for at least a month. Someponies like to watch MLP:FIM in herds and it can be a while before they get all their ponies together. 8^) As spoilers are also likely to be in any comments: don't read if you haven't yet seen the episode unless you like being spoiled. When you're ready, drop in a comment and say what you thought of this episode!

After a month, I hope Episode Discuss posts will be so far off the top page that it'll probably take the tag to find them, so about a month after posting the cut will be removed. 8^) Sometimes I go back and drop in little extras into the posts, like comics and links to the music.

This episode was leaked, then broadcast last Sunday in Canada on Treehouse and has now been broadcast at the usual time in the US on Discovery Family.

Written by Josh Haber and Kevin Lappin.

For those of you following Twitter, you can follow writers Nick Confalone (Hearthbreakers), Mike and Will Fox (The Gift of the Maud Pie), Joanna and Kristine (Gauntlet of Fire), Dave Polsky (Rarity Takes Manehattan) and Jennifer Skelly (Buckball Season). Other twits in the early morning chorus may include the likes of Meghan McCarthy, Jayson Thiessen (Supervising Director of MLP:FIM), Andrea Libman , the voice of Dragon Lord Ember Ali Milner, Big Jim (storyboard work, voice of Troubleshoes and Director of MLP:FIM), Mike Vogel and Josh Haber. The hashtag to watch should be #MLPseason7.

Review for episode 24, Uncommon Bond, below the cut. )

Catch the show and throw in your two bits in the comments! Copy/paste your reviews into the comments, spread the wealth!

Watch Uncommon Bond on DailyMotion over here. If you click on "Midnight Sparkle" at that link and look at her playlist of episodes, you will find episodes 25 and 26, which are both part of the season seven finale. Episode 25 and 26 are being broadcast this weekend in Canada on Treehouse. I suspect both will be broadcast next Saturday on Discovery Family, and that will be it for Season Seven! No new episodes until next Easter.

Download links for Uncommon Bond: (I'll fill in the blanks as soon as I find them)
As seen on Discovery Family in 1080p: a href="">broadcast version.
In 1080p without logos: a href="">logoless.
In 1080p, without logos and colour corrected: a href="">colourful.
They're all mkv format files.

Read all the transcripts, including that of Uncommon Bond over here on the MLP wiki of transcripts.

Clear, free, logoless screengrabs from the entire episode get uploaded to the episode wiki within days of broadcast on the MLP Wikia Gallery pages, here.

The links to official channels and purchasing DVD's and episodes are now in the community sticky.
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CON.TXT 2018 will be held again at the Residence Inn Arlington Pentagon City in the exciting Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington, Va., just across the river from Washington, D.C. Events will begin the morning of Friday, July 27th and go through the afternoon of Sunday, July 29th.

RATE: $139 (plus tax) for a king studio; $159 (plus tax) for a queen/queen studio or a two-bedroom suite. (All rooms have a sofabed in addition to the specified beds.) This is a special CON.TXT rate, and it is guaranteed only until the beginning of July. Reserve early to ensure you get the type of room you want!

RESERVATIONS: There are two handy ways to book your hotel room.
  • Call 800-331-3131 and reference the CON.TXT Women in Media Event at the Residence Inn Pentagon City to make a reservations at the group rate.
  • To book online, click on this direct link: CON.TXT Women in Media Event.
Note: If you book online and attempt to make your reservation to check in prior to 7/26/18 or stay beyond 7/30/18, the system will respond that there are no rooms available. Also, if you are booking a room for two or more people, you will need to call the hotel after booking the room to add the additional names to the registration. (If you are planning to check in together, you are not required to add the names ahead of time; this is mostly useful for people who will be checking in separately.)

  • Wireless high-speed internet access is available for free in all rooms and common areas
  • Full kitchens (including a refrigerator, stove, and cooking implements) in every room
  • Grocery services and fast food delivery are available
  • Free hot breakfast buffet available daily
  • Sofa which unfolds into a sofa bed in every room
  • All rooms are smoke-free
  • Pets are allowed with an additional charge (note that pets will not be allowed in con functions)
  • Free hotel shuttle within 3 miles of hotel
  • Located in a busy, active neighborhood, with easy access to nearby restaurants, fast food, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Easy access (2 blocks) to Pentagon City Metro station (Blue and Yellow lines)
  • Indoor pool and fitness center
  • Hotel business center with computer, printer, fax, etc.
  • All con functions will be held on a single floor
If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to email us at

(no subject)

Oct. 21st, 2017 07:46 pm
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Things I go when I don't have anything better to do: take stats of my works hosted on the AO3.

The way I do it is list the Top 10 across hits, kudos, bookmarks and comment threads; score each work by how high it placed; then adjust the score to how many Top 10s each work got on.

My current Top 10, first to last, are:

1. The Woods. 2017, Shadowhunters, Alec/Magnus. Alec accepts Magnus’s first-stated price for defending Izzy. Consequences follow.
2. Take Seven. 2010, Criminal Minds, gen. Character-driven drabble-based short fiction, if such a thing exist. And yes, you will need that insulin.
3. Salt. 2012-2013, co-authored, NCIA LA + Power Rangers Ninja Storm, gen. Because getting a new agent is not annoying enough, she turns out to be a supernatural ninja.
4. A Goat for Azazel. 2012, co-authored, NCIS, gen. Goes AU after Aliyah. When Tony disappears two days before the Saleem op is a go, the team scrambles to find him - and to understand what an associate of La Grenouille and Israeli domestic intelligence have to do with it.
5. Friends Like These. 2012, co-authored, MCU + NCIS LA + Power Rangers (too many to count), gen w/background relationships. Why Jarvis is not allowed to make friends on the internet: In which the Power Rangers show up to help in the Battle of Manhattan.
6. The fate you carved on me. 2014, for exchange (pinch hit), Power Rangers Samurai + Ninja Storm, gen. "And I thought my team was bad. I thought Casey was bad. But then there is you guys. And, of course, you just had to be Samurai. You realize I am never going to hear the end of it.”
7. Five Times Alex Kissed Nikita. 2011, for exchange (pinch hit), Nikita (CW), Alex/Nikita. Five times Alex kissed Nikita (or tried to), pre-series.
8. The Sameen Shaw Handbook. 2014, co-authored, Person of Interest, meta. A collection of Sameen Shaw essays, inc.: exhaustive timeline; 101 intro to the US Marines, Intel and the world of Covert Ops; and an exploration of dissocial personality.
9. What Olivia Did and Didn't Do on Her Summer Vacation. 2014, for exchange (pinch hit), Leverage, gen. They're either the best or the worst babysitting service on the planet. So long as Olivia's in one piece and swearing she wasn't made to do anything illegal, Jim chooses to believe the former.
10. All the Time In the World. 2011, remix, Criminal Minds, gen. Emily is dead, but that doesn't mean she's gone.

Things I'm particularly happy about:

* Oh my god T7 is no longer the unquestioned leader! That series has been sitting top of my stats at a huge margin from everything else - that has only been growing - since it was published. It's not that I don't love it, it's not that I'm not proud of having written a fandom classic, but oh my god seriously.
* There is a non-crossover PR work on here! Look, excepting the latest movie, PR is a small fandom, okay? A small fandom that's hard-pressed to generate the sort of traffic that can give a fair fight to the mostly-larger other fandoms I create in.
* One of my meta works made the Top 10! And the Handbook is particularly awesome; it's really nice to see how popular it is.

Otherwise, I'm terribly amused that all the exchange pieces that made it to the Top 10 are from my pinch hits. It's very consistent, which is what makes it funny.


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