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1. A time machine so I could go back to when Slam Dunk fandom was active and flail and discuss and write YoHana and Fujima/Hanagata and a little RuHana and Sendoh/everybody and oh so very much MitKo.

2. Cheese.


Jun. 17th, 2007 10:15 pm
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»    Anybody got any good Fujima/Hanagata? I'm having such a craving and ff.n is not my friend.

»    Doctor Who: Utopia. !!!

»    Lately, I can't stop thinking about Inui. Everything I want to write involves him in some way. But really, I just wish he were real so he could be my friend.

»    I'm drinking way too much coffee.

»    Your search - elan/roy slash - did not match any documents.

»    I still like cheese.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] marksykins! I didn't manage to get this up while it was still the 28th here, sorry. I'd been hoping that by the time your birthday rolled around, I'd be able to manage some Hanai/Tajima for you, but it turns out to be still a little too early. So, instead, MitKo. I hope you like it. :) And I'd come over and eat your brains, but I'm too sleepy. ♥

Nineteen by Halrloprillalar / [ profile] prillalar
Slam Dunk, Kogure/Mitsui, PG13, 1600 words.

read the story )
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A week later the tape is still on Kogure's glasses, holding the arm together. Mitsui glances at it in the changing room, his eyes flicking back again and again. Kogure smiles when Mitsui catches his eye and Mitsui looks away.

There are many things Mitsui regrets but this is the only one he doesn't know how to apologize for. )
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Almost writing songfic. Home and Dry - Pet Shop Boys.


It's not quite five am when Tezuka finds the gate, and sits, and waits. He stares at the clock hanging from the ceiling, watches each red digit change until they no longer tell the time, just make a pattern in front of his eyes.

The doors open and Tezuka stands. He finds Ryoma in the crowd and Ryoma's sudden smile is as good as a kiss. Tezuka takes Ryoma's bag, Ryoma shrugs and lets him.

They are halfway home when Tezuka remembers he left his half-empty coffee on a seat in the terminal.


Kogure has been back in town for two days. Someone saw him at the station and told Mitsui later. Mitsui carries boxes and lifts furniture and wonders if his mobile will ring. On his lunch break, he checks to make sure it's charged. Then he turns it off.

It's snowing when he gets off work. He turns the corner, and there is Kogure, half a centimetre of white on his collar and glasses fogged over. Mitsui stops and they look at each other under the street lamp.

"Your hair is growing," Kogure says at last.

Mitsui doesn't know what to say, so he grabs Kogure around the chest and closes his eyes and doesn't move until Kogure's hands lock around Mitsui's waist. Kogure's cheek presses against Mitsui's and it's so cold that Mitsui shivers.

"How is university?" Mitsui says as they pull apart.

"Fine." Kogure stuffs his hands into his pockets. "How is work?"

"Fine," Mitsui says and they walk, somewhere, Mitsui doesn't know where. At least I'll get laid, he tells himself and blinks against the wind.


"The flight is delayed," Kawamura says and Akutsu can barely hear him over the static on the line. "Don't bother to meet me."

"Like I would." Akutsu holds the phone to his ear until Kawamura rings off. He eats supper with the TV on and lies on the floor afterwards, arm behind his head, blowing smoke into the air and staring at the ceiling.

It's past two when the door opens. Kawamura sets his bags gently down and slides past them into the room. "You're so noisy," Akutsu says, and rolls over to face him, blanket tangling around his legs.

Kawamura smiles as he shrugs out of his jacket. "You left the light on."

"I fell asleep before I could turn it off."

"I brought you something." Shadows cover half of Kawamura's face. He looks thinner than when he left. His eyelids are drooping. He needs a haircut.

"I don't need any more crap," Akutsu says. He reaches up, pulls Kawamura down onto the futon, rolls half on top of him, pressing his face against Kawamura's neck.

Kawamura turns off the lamp.


I think that's enough for me. Do you have any?
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Happy birthday, [ profile] marksykins, whose prowess is awesome and whose brains I desire to eat! A little MitKo to kick off Slam Dunk for you. (Since the PoT I was trying to write crashed and burned.)

Convalescence by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 700 words, G.
Kogure visits every day.

Timeframe: first year

The peel curled off the apple )
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Birthday fic #1. Basketball boys. And just because it bears repeating: Slam Dunk is king!

The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990 by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 540 words, PG13.
A day in the life.

Dear diary... )
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First time with the basketball boys. It's always odd writing the first fic in a new fandom; the names aren't familiar to my fingers and I'm still trying to find the shape of the relationships. And probably invoking every cliche in the fandom, since I haven't had a chance to read any fic yet. But I couldn't wait.

Anywhere else I should post this?

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 950 words, PG13.
After the Shoyo game.

One by one, they woke and dressed and left. All but Mitsui. )
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Prince of Tennis: Genius 191 raw. (YSI, zip) These are the good quality scans, as good as you're going to get from weekly Jump, anyhow. There are often LQ scans available a little earlier, but I don't bother putting them up here. I don't really have anything to say about the issue.

Meine Liebe: At last, a sub of the final episode - 13. (Haven't watched it yet.) Torrent file.

Harry Potter: There's a Snape/Harry, James/Snape doujinshi scanlation up at [ profile] yaoi_daily. NOT WORK SAFE. You have to join the community to view and you have to be over 18 to join. The link is to the third of three posts; you can get to the first two from there. Harry is at school, so he's young, but this isn't shota. And if you're not used to reading doujinshi or manga, the panels go right to left. Not much of a story, but very pretty.

And there's a raw Dr Ten Hughes/Roy doujinshi being posted as well. It's so gorgeous.


I've just had 5 days off. I did read LJ during that time, but didn't really comment like I should have. I got work done on my projects, though less writing on my current WIP than I would have liked. I foolishly decided it needed to have seven sections and I've only got through one so far.

I re-read The Fifth Elephant and Night Watch because after Thud! I needed more Vimes. Never enough Vimes! Night Watch, especially, I love. Vimes and Vetinari. They're not friends but they could never do without the other.

I drank a lot of coffee, but no whisky at all for no very good reason. And I ate most of a box of expensive chocolate creams. Ah! The best part about the Boy doing Atkins is that I never have to share my treats. :)

All in all, a productive time. It would have been productive-er if I had thought to write watch 50 episodes of Slam Dunk on my to-do list. As it stands, I guess that was just slacking.


I've been watching Slam Dunk on and off for a while, but I just went crazy and watched, yes, 50 episodes over the last three days. (There are only about 17-18 minutes of new material per episode; it's not like watching 50 episodes of Buffy.) The games go on for fricking ever -- when it get down to the last ten minutes, you can count on an episode for each two minutes at least and sometimes for each one.

As you might guess, Slam Dunk is a basketball anime. (My second -- the first was Dear Boys.) Basketball and a little gang fighting (which I so enjoy). It's pretty hard-core shonen -- I could do with about 15% more character stuff -- but I'm really enjoying it anyhow. (Obviously, or I wouldn't be watching so much.)

I did read some of the manga earlier on, but the scans I had were pretty bad in terms of visual quality and it hurt too much to read them. (If anyone has good versions, please let me know.) It took me a while to warm to Sakuragi and Rukawa is not my favourite, but I do enjoy their dynamic. And I love everyone now. Yohei is my boyfriend. He's so the Kenickie to Sakuragi's Zuko. But he's more mature and you can tell he's always looking out for Sakuragi. Such a sweetie.

Since I haven't finished the canon yet -- I'm up to ep, hmm, 88 I think, and then there are the OVAs after that -- I haven't gone looking for fic, because I don't want to be spoiled. So I don't know what the main slash pairs are, except for the obvious Sakuragi/Rukawa. For me, they're what I think of as a Schrödinger's Ship -- I'm waiting for the event to occur that will collapse the waveform and then I'll either have shipped them from the beginning or never.

Kind of how it was with Sasuke and Naruto, actually, whose dynamic is very similar. You've got the annoying comic relief who is also the main character (Sakuragi, Naruto). He is a loser, but holds great potential inside. His greatest desires are to be acknowledged and to defeat his rival. You've got the rookie with amazing skills (Rukawa, Sasuke). He's a loner, he's taciturn, he's justifiably proud of his skills, and he looks down at the main character. Even though they are rivals, they are on the same team and must learn to work together. And you've got the girl (Haruko, Sakura). She is loved by the annoying one and loves the taciturn one, who does not return her affection.

Me, though, I'm shipping Kogure/Mitsui. I'm shipping them hard. To the point where there will be fic, even if nobody wants to read it. It's been a while since I had the thrill of going through new canon like this, looking for the little moments between my chosen pair. Any look, any word, any touch will do.

I also hope that Miyagi and Ayako will get together. How can she resist him?

I've just got through the qualifying tournament. spoilers )

I wouldn't necessarily tell you to run out and download this, unless you really like sports anime. Which I do. If you do too, give it a try.

And who do you ship, if you're a fan?


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