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"I need to know how and why"

hc: victor and chris used to be together, but they are young, etc. they break up over something and yuuri is victor's rebound fling. I find this to be canon compliant because (a) Chris can be interpreted as jealous over Yuuri and (b) I truly, madly, deeply don't buy it that a international star athlete would turn 27 without having a life and fun enough that a drunk loser humping his leg would turn into a revolutionary "OMG I was lost and lonely and had no inspiration and now I found you!" (which seems to be the main fanon interpretation of why they get together but which i find incredibly juvenile).

If Yuuri is Victor's rebound fling, it's normal for things between them to be very intense on Victor's part as he clings to what he imagines is happening in this new romance that was not happening between him and Chris. (It is normal for things to be intense on Yuuri's part because Yuuri is a fanboy).

It would also be normal for said rebound fling to come to an end, and for both Victor and Chris to come back together at a new stage of their professional lives and at a new level of maturity.

I am aware you mostly write short things whereas I'm essentially pitching you a novel, but you can totally drop the reader into the opening stages of the second time Chris and Victor get together and drop hints on the backstory as you go along.

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