prillalar: (Default)
prillalar ([personal profile] prillalar) wrote 2017-04-23 03:15 am (UTC)

Yeah, it would definitely be a passion project. :) I'm having trouble judging YOI vs other sports anime because most of my other sports anime fan-time has been on LJ. (I was on fandom hiatus for about four years until Jan 2016.) But most of those, and the others I'm in now, are team-based and I think that leads to more mid-level ship popularity.

When I figure out how to make Yuuri and Nishigori run away together, Chris can pick up the pieces. I wonder who will age better, Chris or Victor?

I'm sure I'll work out how get started eventually. Discussing it with everyone has helped a lot.

Subscribing is always fine; adding you back. :)

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