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moetushie ([personal profile] moetushie) wrote in [personal profile] prillalar 2017-04-23 02:38 am (UTC)

I'd read it. Although, yeah, not many people would. Outside the superheated bubble of Victuuri, the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom seems to act like any other sports anime fandom. Rarepairs don't exactly do well here, I say, as I'm currently knee-deep in a WIP about a minor sports anime character.

Anyway, I love Chris/Victor and I *can* see it working, post-Yuuri, although in my hc, it would pretty far along when they're both retired and are irascible old men (for the given value of old -- I mean, in canon a 25 and 27 year old are considered over the hill, yeesh), sitting around and judging young, obviously less talented and beautiful skaters. What has the sport come to?

After all, Victor and Yuuri's grand passion fizzled out a long time ago -- eros is never meant to last! -- and Chris, as observant as ever, makes his move?

But, whatever you chose, I'm sure it would be a great story, and worth telling. Even if not many people read it?

/also hi, hope you don't mind me subscribing to you & sorry if I'm being presumptuous

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