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Dear White Day Creator

Thank you for creating for me! You are awesome!

About Me
I'm Halrloprillalar but call me Hal. I've been in and out of fandom since 1997, starting with The X-Files and ending up primarly in sports anime/manga fandom.

My AO3 is [ profile] prillalar but only part of my back catalogue is up there right now. All the YOI fic is there, though.

In General
Prompts are suggestions only, in case you're looking for ideas. Ignore the prompts entirely if you want, just create something that you like. So long as you don't hit my dislikes, I would much rather receive a work that made you happy than one you weren't feeling but felt you had to create to conform to my preferences.

Tension, romantic triangles (not three-somes), pining, day-to-day life, humour, sad works, happy works, ideas that seem good at the time, exploring pre-canon.

AUs, crossovers, mpreg, A/B/O, genderswap, three-somes or poly relationships, kink.

If you're writing a sex scene or PWP, I have no preferences about whose Tab A goes into whose Slot B or if there's penetration at all. Whatever feels right for those characters in that situation is the sexiest.

Prefer up to T if they're under 16, any rating if they're 16 or older. Aging-up and future fic is great!

Otherwise, anything is great. Plot is great, PWP is great, fluff is great, moments in time are great, love triangles are great, humour is great, crack is great, serious is great. Canon-age is great, future fic is great. Happy endings, sad endings — it's all great. :)

Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako
I'd love fic that assumes they knew each other from back when they were dancing. Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- they run into each other during the GPF final: Minako is drunk, Lilia is sober
- past fic about a role they both wanted
- Minako visits Yuuri in St Petersburg but really she's there to see Lilia

Note: While I generally prefer something on the vanilla side, please feel free to go as kinky as you want with Lilia/Minako, short of scat or serious injury. Seriously, go for it if you're feeling it.

Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Like everyone else, I love everything about these two. ♥ Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- Yuuri is a terrible cook, Victor adjusts
- their first time, whenever you think that was
- Japan and Russian Nationals are at the same time; how do they cope with being apart?

Michele Crispino/Georgi Popovich
Georgi's tender gaze at Michele's skating was so lovely. Feel free to go serious or silly. Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- Michele receives letters/gifts from a secret admirer
- They're both modeling for a designer clothes line and meet at a photoshoot (not an AU, just endorsement deals)
- They bang

Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola
Emil really wants to hit that. Michele is oblivious. Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- Emil engineers some sort of tropey situation: trapped in an elevator, forced to share one bed, etc
- Sara invites Emil to visit them during the off-season; Michele works very hard to keep Emil away from Sara
- Michele is interested but Emil finds Michele's lack of sexual experience frustrating

Phichit Chulanont/Katsuki Yuuri
Friends with benefits, pining, make-outs that don't go anywhere, make-outs that do, relationship that doesn't work out. Anything is great! Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- weekend in Windsor, since Phichit's too young to drink in Detroit
- Phichit is sad, Yuuri doesn't know what to do
- one of them wants some experience before going out with someone else

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Awkward friends to awkward boyfriends, these two are prime for every tropey sports series hook-up story. Rating T or less if Yurio is 15, any rating if they're both 16+.

Optional prompts:
- Otabek gets some bad advice about how to flirt
- JJ dares them to do a crazy prank at the GPF banquet
- Yuri is crazy hot for Otabek but thinks Otabek just wants to be friends

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