prillalar: (kaoru-chan)
prillalar ([personal profile] prillalar) wrote2016-09-26 05:43 pm

Kaoru-chan and darling Akaya

I've been thinking about Kaidoh/Kirihara lately. So much potential for a sparky pairing! I loved them in this scene -- I have a real weakness for back-to-back in battle.

Kaidoh and Kirihara back to back in a pillow fight

I don't know if regular scary Akaya or U-17 somewhat nicer Akaya would be better -- they are both appealing. As much as I love the back to back I would also love to see them trying to beat each other down.

Or a new captains scenario where they're both trying to be all grown up and in charge at a practice match. And then Momo and Arai lock them in the club room and set off a glitter bomb trap.

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