May. 19th, 2018

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Thank you for creating for me! Let's go the Grand Prix Final together!!

About Me
I'm Halrloprillalar but call me Hal. I've been in and out of fandom since 1997, starting with The X-Files and ending up primarily in sports anime/manga fandom. I've been going hard for YOI since it first aired.

My AO3 is [ profile] prillalar but only part of my back catalogue is up there right now. All the YOI fic is there, though.

In General
Prompts are suggestions only, in case you're looking for ideas. Ignore the prompts entirely if you want, just create something that you like. So long as you don't hit my dislikes, I would much rather receive a work that made you happy than one you weren't feeling but felt you had to create to conform to my preferences.

tension, romantic triangles (not three-somes), pining, PWP/porn, day-to-day life, humour, sad stories, happy stories, ideas that seem good at the time, ill-advised blowjobs

Fine With
canon divergence, unrequited love, character death, infidelity, breakups, sad endings, dubcon

Do Not Want
AUs, crossovers, mpreg, A/B/O, three-somes or poly relationships, kink (except as noted), noncon

If you're writing a sex scene or PWP, I have no preferences about whose Tab A goes into whose Slot B or if there's penetration at all; oral, handies, intercrural, etc, are all awesome. Whatever feels right for those characters in that situation is the sexiest. Rough or intense sex is great, so is funny sex, gauzy fade-to-black or whatever you think will fit.

Prefer up to T if they're under 16, any rating if they're 16 or older. Aging-up and future fic is just fine.

Otherwise, anything is great! Plot is great, PWP/porn is great, fluff is great, moments in time are great, love triangles are great, humour is great, crack is great, serious is great. Pre-, mid-, post-canon are great. Happy endings, sad endings — it's all great. :)

For pairings with Victor or Yuuri, I'm fine if they're officially together in the background and the one in the story is cheating but I'd prefer no open relationships or poly. Canon divergence is fine too, or break-ups, or not dealing with it at all, or maybe you don't think they are together in canon anyhow, whatever works, so long as their relationship isn't the focus of the story.

Christophe Giacometti/Katsuki Yuuri
Aw, these two would be so solid and sweet together. Or so hot and scandalous. :) Pre-canon, post-canon, canon divergence, it's all good. Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- On vacation together
- Wardrobe malfunction at an important competition
- Playing on the same MMO, maybe they know each other's characters, maybe they get close without realising

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Victor Nikiforov
Oh my GOD, he FORGOT MY NAME. JJ is annoying but also hot and I weep and weep and weep over him. Victor knows the value of a well-placed disparaging word. I know I said no kink generally, but some humiliation would not come amiss with these two. <3 Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- Just two guys who both like to be down on their knees; who has to give in and be the one to get his dick sucked?
- JJ's fans start harassing Victor and JJ tries to fix it
- Victor makes an extravagant bet of some sort with JJ over a Canada vs Russia hockey game. Spoiler: Russia loses.

Michele Crispino/Georgi Popovich
Georgi's tender gaze at Michele's skating was so lovely, I will never be over it. Feel free to go serious or silly. Any rating is fine.

Optional prompts:
- Michele receives letters/gifts from a secret admirer
- They're both modeling for a designer clothes line and meet at a photoshoot (not an AU, just endorsement deals)
- They bang


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