prillalar: (Default)
prillalar ([personal profile] prillalar) wrote 2017-05-03 09:38 pm (UTC)

I was going to ping you about SASO -- seems like something you might enjoy. :)

I did a team last year as well; there ended up 5 of us, I think. (You need 4 members to qualify but you don't have to recruit them all yourself.) The main difference between a ship or fandom team and Grandstand is that the teams can make famworks for two main rounds, though not all do. We did but didn't really stress about the points, just making something we could all have fun with.

But the bonus rounds -- prompting and filling, kind of like a kinkmeme -- are the best part. And you could always sign up for Grandstand to just do bonus rounds if you're not sure. There's no obligation at all.

This is the first bonus round from last year, should give you some idea of the prompt frenzy.

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