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prillalar ([personal profile] prillalar) wrote2016-09-15 07:57 pm

Can't stop, won't stop

I'm experiencing that situation where you feel like you ought to be creating fanworks constantly, no downtime. I've often said fandom is like an unpaid part-time job but sometimes it's more like school and the guilt over homework never ends. Self-imposed guilt, though; nobody is pressuring me.

I'm a little brain tired still after RR245 -- that took me a month to write and was the most difficult thing I've worked on this year so far. But was I was so excited when I got to finally write the happy ending! And I still have Pluto on my own phone's lock screen. <3

Next up I want to write some Tsukishima/Yamaguchi (Haikyuu!!) but I'm weirdly intimidated by them. I have a cute and funny premise but I'm afraid they'll make it sad. Maybe deep down I really just want Yams to stare at Tsukki and Tsukki to stare at nothing at all, angsting their high school angst, never getting closer than they already are.

Maybe some DaiSuga would go better right now. Maybe I should just read a book and drink some tea. :)
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That feeling of self-imposed pressure is so familiar! In my case when the guilty feelings get really bad I try to think about how I feel when other people post fic, since even if they only post one story a year, my reaction is generally "Yay, Author I Like posted another fic!" and not "Author I Like is such a slacker, why can't they write more than one story a year?" By which logic I too am not a slacker for taking breaks sometimes ... or at least, that's supposed to be the take-away feeling, but in reality, the "why am I not writing more" anxiety bug never seems to quite disappear. :P

In any case, it's awesome that you've finished a difficult story! I've bookmarked RR245 to read when I'm in my next Prince of Tennis fic-reading mood. And good luck on the Haikyuu fic!
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The story I'm plotting is still in the very early stages (to the point where I'm still not 100% whether I'm going to end up writing it), but I'm having fun thinking about it! So far I've arranged it so that one character works nights and the other can only go out at night, so from here it shouldn't be too hard to find a way to force them into each other's orbit.

And yeah, the first time writing something is always the hardest! But it does feel great to get over that hump and into a place where writing comes more easily. I definitely have a couple of characters and pairings I'd like to get there with (looking at you, TezuRyo ...). You can do it!