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More anime stuffs

I want to write every SASO prompt about Sakamoto/Acchan instead. The porn rental story killed me so bad. So bad. ♥

(I may have just left a butt sumo prompt.)

Have been watching Yowamushi Pedal (high school road racing) for a few weeks now and I am charmed beyond all things. Once you get past the underlying message of "Hey, anime fans, watch this anime about how if you're an anime fan, you won't have any friends until you join a sports club", it's a great series. I'm on day three of the interhigh now, so I think I'm up enough to write prompt fills about some of the characters but still wary about reading fic in case of spoilers.

I really love Onoda a lot and whenever he starts singing the Hime Hime song during a race, I legit tear up. Shipping him with Imaizumi mostly. I also adored Sugimoto from the moment he opened his mouth about his cycling experience so I was so glad he stuck with the club.

And Kinjou. Possibly my favourite sports club captain since Akagi. I feel badly that I'm attracted to him, but he's drawn like he's 29 and voiced like he's 45, so what am I supposed to do?

Am also dying to get back to Daiya no Ace (I think I'm only about 10 eps in) but will wait until I'm finished YowaPeda. Not to mention I started a bit of a low-key Slam Dunk re-watch and may have also been re-watching the Prince of Tennis Chinese drama. Guo Guang and Hai Tang and Zhen Zhi (Holy Triangle) kill me every time.

There is more to my life than sports anime (and Sakamoto), I swear. But I'm on vac right now and my partner isn't so I'm just redeeming the time.
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Seriously, the /best part/ of YowaPeda is that he converts them to anime. Magical girl anime theme songs belted out together to revive everyone's fighting spirit! The incredibly tsun-tsun rival being /totally sucked in/ and learning the entire series by heart. Bonding over swag! It's really just the most beautiful reversal ever.

Also, +1 on Kinjou. I can't help imagining him and Tezuka drinking in a bar together, I mean really.
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Isn't YowaPeda so fun? I love it a lot, both the matches and the fun sketches after the credits. (I wish they'd had those for PoT, and every other sports anime.) Onoda is darling, and Kinjou really does have the sexiest voice. Do you have any other favorite characters?

And SUGIMOTO! I love him so so so much, admittedly partly for reasons that won't be revealed until the upcoming season three. (Which I hope will convince even more people of his charms.)