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The reveals for [ profile] tenipuri_xpair are up!

I wrote:

Building, Sanada/Kaidoh, PG, 3000 words, for [ profile] whisper132
It's been so long since Sanada worked at something he wasn't already good at.

Read on LJ | Read on AO3

And [ profile] kestrelsan wrote the lovely story for me, Gravitational Attraction, Sanada/Atobe, R/NC-17!

I knew she was writing for me but she claimed it was a My Little Pony AU with all my favourite pairings at Pony Prom. Which I claim I am still owed!

It was nice to do some writing again. :) Must do more soon. Once I figure out this fandom thing all over again.
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Every time I scroll down my reading list and see this post, my brain tries to parse the subject like like 'Pisces' instead of 'hobbitses'.